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Policy Advisory Committee

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The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) was created to support the University’s strategic initiative to codify all university-wide policies and assure universal access through the creation of a centralized website for university policies and procedures.

PAC initiated the process, which created and refined the processes for policy conversion, new policy development and policy repeals.

PAC continues to make recommendations regarding administrative processes and assures proper vetting of all policies with the university constituencies prior to implementation.

The president’s Office acts as the official repository for all university-wide policies. The Policy Administration Office, under the office of the President, serves as the point-of-contact processing and maintaining all university-wide policies and procedures.

Membership. The Policy Advisory Committee provides for balanced decision making by bringing together a wide diversity of opinions from university division representatives with outstanding technical knowledge and experience in their respective functional area(s). The Vice Presidents/Provost will nominate committee members to represent their division.

  • Miguel Barbosa
  • Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Erica Brilhart
  • Director of Enrollment Management
  • Robert D’Aversa
  • Chief Information Officer of Computing & Communication Services
  • Michael Gray
  • Associate Professor of History
  • Michelle Keiper
  • Policy Development Specialist & Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Tim Kresge
  • Associate Director of Human Resources Management
  • Steve LaBadie
  • Web Manager, University Relations
  • Walt Lukow
  • Sr. Associate Director of Transfer Admissions & Orientation, Admission Office
  • John Robinson
  • Senior Director, Student Activity Association, Ex-officio
  • Laura Suits
  • Coordinator, Wellness Education & Prevention
  • Allen Williams
  • Assistant to Vice President, Student Affairs