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University Policies

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  • Policy Title: Facility Use
  • Policy Number: ESU-SA-2013-006
  • Effective Date: March 27, 1996
  • Adopted Date: December 5, 2013
  • Last Reviewed: December 5, 2013
  • Amended: N/A
  • Related Policies: Non-Academic Facility Scheduling, Alcohol Policy

Policy Statement:

The University reserves the right to decide which activities may be held on campus, and to establish fair and reasonable charges for the use of these facilities, under the scheduling authority of conference services. Priorities for use of facilities are given as follows:

  1. University academic activities.
  2. University-sponsored events including athletic events, student events and ESU Affiliate Events.
  3. University hosted activities (in alphabetical order):
    • Academic
    • Administrative
    • Athletic
    • Community/Philanthropic
    • Student
  4. Non-University/External constituents

There shall be no usage fees assessed when a University sponsored event is organized, promoted and presented by an East Stroudsburg University organization, directly related to that unit's mission, academic offerings and/or organizational mission and no admission is charged.

Fees may be charged for extra set ups, overtime, ancillary, and cleaning beyond reasonable and customary.

Non-University/External Events groups using University facilities will be charged usage fees.

The usage fees include charges for facilities, ancillary and personnel costs, as well as damage to a facility other than normal wear and tear.

A group will be billed for any expenses incurred if additional clean-up or repair by the University is required.

A list of usage fees may be obtained from Conference Services.

Ancillary costs and personnel services will be assessed to University hosted events.

In limited circumstances, fees may be waived through the appeal process.

A list of usage, personnel, and ancillary fees may be obtained from Conference Services.

All food service needs must be provided by the current authorized University food service provider, unless a waiver is obtained from the Food Service Liaison.

This policy is applicable to all faculty, staff, students, affiliates, contracted services and visitors to East Stroudsburg University.

All groups and individuals are required to adhere to applicable University policies and regulations when using university facilities.

Reason For Policy:

This policy has been established to ensure that East Stroudsburg University facilities are utilized for educational, athletic, cultural, social, philanthropic, and community functions which meet the needs and interests of the campus and community, as well as to set clear policies, procedures, and usage fees regarding such uses.

As a public institution of higher education, East Stroudsburg University seeks to balance its mission of instruction, scholarship and co-curricular activities with its commitment to the broader community of which it is a part.

When available, outside groups and organizations whose purpose is consistent with the University’s mission may request to reserve spaces on campus for their use.

Appeal Statement:

All requests for facilities must be approved and adhere to specific building rules and regulations. Appeals and waiver information and submissions are to be directed to the Office of Conference Services.


University Academic Activities are activities directly related to the instructional mission of the University which includes credit bearing classes and activities resulting from an academic course.

University-Sponsored Events are activities directly related to the life of the campus community beyond the classroom; i.e., intercollegiate athletics, cultural, recreational, and student programming activities. Programs under this category may be scheduled or sponsored by administrative offices, faculty, staff, alumni, student organizations/clubs, and affiliated organizations.

University-sponsored events fall into two categories:

University Events: Programs scheduled and/or sponsored by faculty, staff, administrative offices or academic departments. These events are planned primarily for members of the ESU community, although alumni, members of the community, and other guests may attend these programs its primary focus is to be students and employees of ESU or ESU affiliates (e.g. Student Activity Association, ESU Foundation, etc.)

Student Events: Events organized by Student Activities Association (SAA) officially-sanctioned clubs and organizations which are primarily intended for members of the ESU community, though members of the community, guests and alumni may attend these programs at the planner’s discretion. Examples include: student group meetings, workshops, conferences, shows, concerts, movies, and other social activities.

University Hosted Events are programs, conferences, camps, workshops, resource development activities, and/or meetings that involve a joint effort between two entities – a University college, academic department, administrative unit, or student organization and an outside organization.

Hosted event must meet the criteria outlined in the Facility Use Policy.

Non-University/External Events are programs and activities organized by individuals, organizations, or groups not part of the organizational structure of the University who request to use University facilities for the benefit of their own program.

University events always take precedence over non-University events. In all cases, a Facilities Use Agreement will be issued to the external group coordinator of the event.

Certificate of Insurance: Users or groups not associated with the University must carry liability insurance and request a Certificate of Insurance to be issued no later than 14 days prior to the first date of the event, naming East Stroudsburg University as additional insured.

Special events require coverage specific to the nature of the event and activities.

These requirements will be included in the Facility Use Agreement. Contact the Office of Conference Services for exact amounts of insurance requirements.

Suspension of Right to Reserve Facilities:Conduct by those attending or participating in any program or activity at East Stroudsburg University shall be consistent with University regulations and local, state, and federal laws.

Conduct that results in the disruption of normal university operations (e.g., movement of furniture and equipment within or outside of rooms, not returning a facility to its pre-event status, and noise) or any mistreatment of facilities or furnishings may result in the suspension of a group's right to reserve facilities.

Other Relevant Information:

All events must be coordinated through the Conference Services Department.