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  • Policy Title: Non Academic Facility Scheduling
  • Policy Number: ESU-SA-2011-002
  • Effective Date: September 26, 2013
  • Adopted Date: September 26, 2013
  • Last Reviewed: N/A
  • Amended: N/A
  • Related Policies: Facility Use Policy, Alcohol Policy

Policy Statement:

This policy establishes the policies and procedures for the scheduling and utilization of spaces scheduled by the Office of Conference Services for non-academic events.

Academic classes are scheduled through Student Enrollment Center and take precedence over all events.

Classroom reservations for non-academic events will not be allowed until the semester academic calendar is complete.

East Stroudsburg University utilizes centralized scheduling software in order to schedule, track, maintain and view non-academic events taking place on campus.

The Office of Conference Services schedules non-academic events in the following spaces: Abeloff, Beers, Denike, Koehler Field House, Monroe Hall, Outdoor Athletic Facilities, Lower Dansbury, Stroud Hall, Science and Technology Center, Zimbar Hall, and Innovation Center and any additional spaces assigned by the President or his/her designee.

For any space not listed please contact the Office of Conference Services or visit Conference Services website.

All requests to utilize spaces listed above must be emailed or submitted on line at

Reason For Policy:

To make certain that non-academic events taking place on campus are being scheduled through the proper channels.

To provide improved communication to the East Stroudsburg University community about activities and events to be held on Campus as well as provide a safe environment for all users of East Stroudsburg University facilities.

Appeal Statement:

Requests for events that conflict with academic class space must have approvals from appropriate Director, Deans and Vice Presidents before confirmation will be granted.


Non Academic Event: Any event taking place on campus that is not an academic class.

Conference room: a room intended for a meeting, discussion, presentations, training, etc. on a recurring or one-time basis.

Auditorium: a room designed for presenting information to a large audience or public gathering.

Classroom: a room designed and reserved primarily for general meetings.

Multipurpose space: a room designed for various uses.

Athletic Field: Outdoor space designed for sporting type events.

Other Relevant Information:

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