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Policy Statement:

All matriculated students are to provide evidence that they have been inoculated for measles (rubeola), mumps, and rubella (German measles) upon admission to the university. This information is to be provided on the Report of Medical History form and submitted to University Health Services.

All students born after 1956 must have two doses of measles (Rubeola) vaccine, (given on or after their first birthday, the two doses must be separated by at least one month); two doses of mumps vaccine; and at least one dose of rubella vaccine.

Laboratory evidence of immunity is acceptable as evidence.

Students who have not had the vaccines due to medical, religious or personal beliefs must complete an affidavit of waiver approved by University Health Services and may be asked to leave the university during an outbreak of one or more of these diseases, depending on the direction set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

In addition, the university may initiate procedures to control the outbreak of these diseases, if one should occur.

Once a case of measles, mumps or rubella has been identified by a medical provider with serologic confirmation, the PA Department of Health must be notified for assistance and direction.

Infected students may be asked to leave campus, including university housing, and asked to cease attending classes at least three weeks after the onset of their symptoms.

The ill student’s treating physician will provide medical clearance to return to the university.

Appeal Statement:

Not Specified in Current Policy


Not Specified in Current Policy

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Medical History Form