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University Policies

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Policy Statement:

The possession, use and/or sale of alcoholic beverages on the East Stroudsburg University campus or on University-leased property is strictly prohibited, with the exception of events and programs approved by the Office of the President or for valid academic programs approved by the Office of the Provost or Office of the President. At approved events, the University does permit the lawful and responsible consumption of approved alcoholic beverages on its property and property under its control by persons of legal drinking age.

The East Stroudsburg University police department will strictly enforce all federal, state, local, and University policies in regards to alcohol.

Alcohol may not be purchased (or reimbursed) with University funds except when in accordance with PASSHE Board of Governor's Policy 2010-01-A, Expenditures of Public Funds.

Alcoholic beverages may only be served at East Stroudsburg University in accordance with the following rules:

  1. An event such as a colloquium, or reception, shall accompany the service of such alcoholic beverages.
  2. There shall not be a charge for alcoholic beverages.
  3. All applicable laws and regulations, including those of the Liquor Control Board, shall be adhered to.
  4. A designated faculty/staff member shall have the responsibility for the event and arrange for such event prior to its occurrence by submitting a Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages Form to the President for approval two weeks in advance of the scheduled event.
Events and organizations not affiliated with East Stroudsburg University that are renting space from the University through the Office of Conference Services are governed under the terms of their contract with Conference Services.

Appeal Statement:

Not Specified in Current Policy


Not Specified in Current Policy

Other Relevant Information:

Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages Form