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University Policies

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  • Policy Title: Facility Use and Scheduling Policy
  • Policy Number: EDE-2017-001
  • Effective Date: March 27, 1996
  • Adopted Date: N/A
  • Last Reviewed: December 5, 2013
  • Amended: N/A
  • Related Policies: Alcohol Policy, Space Use & Assignment Policy

Policy Statement:

The University reserves the right to approve or deny requests for facility/space usage and to establish fair and reasonable charges for the use of facilities owned and/or controlled by East Stroudsburg University and its affiliates. This policy establishes the procedures for the scheduling and utilization of spaces for recreational/extracurricular and community events. Priorities for use of facilities in the case of a scheduling conflict are as follows:

  1. University academic programs (i.e., classes/workshops/clinics/labs)
  2. Athletic events
  3. University programs:
    1. Academic (study hours/academic presentations/etc.)
    2. Administrative
    3. Athletic (i.e., practices/clinics)
    4. Student Organizations/ESU Affiliates
  4. Sponsored Events
  5. External Events

    Approved events that are associated with ESU, its colleges, departments, units, and affiliates are eligible for inclusion on the Event Calendar. In order to properly promote an event, event planners should follow the Event Calendar procedures. Events open to the public are required to be submitted to the calendar.

Reason For Policy:

This policy has been established to ensure that East Stroudsburg University facilities are utilized for educational, athletic, cultural, social, philanthropic, and community functions aligned with the University’s mission.

Appeal Statement:



Recreational/Extracurricular Events are those that are not associated with academic curriculum or coursework.

University Academic Programs include those associated with academic course work and activities for credit.

Athletic Events include games, meets, matches, tournaments, etc. hosted by ESU’s Athletic Department.

University Programs and Events include those sponsored by academic departments or colleges, administrative offices, student organizations and ESU affiliates.

Sponsored Events are programs and/or activities that are sponsored by an external organization in collaboration with an ESU entity.

External Events are programs and/or activities organized by external organizations that do not involve an ESU entity.

Other Relevant Information:

Facility Use and Scheduling Procedures