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  • Policy Title: Posting & Chalking
  • Policy Number: ESU-AF-2015-001-A
  • Effective Date: April 23, 2015
  • Adopted Date: April 23, 2015
  • Last Reviewed: September 12, 2016
  • Amended: November 14, 2016
  • Related Policies: None

Policy Statement:

The Posting and Chalking policy regulates the display of signs, posters, notices and banners affixed on university-owned or operated property and on property under the ownership and/or supervision of its affiliates.

Nothing in this policy is intended to infringe on the first amendment rights guaranteed by the Commonwealth and United States constitutions.

Individuals or groups found in violation of this policy, where cleaning entails a cost, may be charged for such cleaning/repair. Individuals or groups who engage in unauthorized graffiti may be charged for cleanup, in addition to being subjected to discipline or sanctions on a case by case basis.

Indoor Signs

  • Bulletin boards in campus facilities are limited to postings related to the academic departments, administrative departments or student activity programs where the Bulletin Boards are located and, where space is available, other activities sponsored by the University, student organizations or University affiliates. Bulletin boards are not public forums.
  • Posting of signs and posters within university buildings is prohibited except on bulletin boards provided for the purpose. Postings not on building boards, e.g. on walls, door (especially glass doors), hallways and elevators may be removed by the University except that signs may be used on office doors to announce office hours or post urgent announcements related to change of venue. Additionally, faculty members may place signs on their office doors to serve as message boards.
  • All signs and posters must bear the name of the sponsoring department or student organization.
  • Only ONE sign or poster per board is permitted for a particular announcement, promotion or advertisement; duplicates may be removed.

Electronic Sign Boards

  • Departments, groups or individuals are strongly encouraged to use electronic sign boards installed in buildings for publicizing events and other university wide-announcements. All such requests should be made to the Director of Web Services/Webmaster ahead of the event, to allow for processing.

Outdoor Signs

  • Outdoor signs may only be erected by the Facilities Management Department, Conference Services staff, University Police or Office of Admissions when applicable; and with the prior permission of the Director of Parking or his/her designee for the purpose of providing directions to or managing traffic and parking associated with an on campus event sponsored or authorized by the University, a student organization or an affiliate.
  • Commercial or political signs are not permissible on campus. An exception to this rule is the area outside Lower Dansbury, which on Election Day, may be used to post names of political candidates.
  • Outdoor signs must never be placed in a manner where they become an obstruction for pedestrian or wheel chair bound individuals or cause problems with traffic circulation.

Leafleting and other signage- except as needed by the department of public safety

  • Placement of leaflets/flyers or any literature on cars parked on campus is prohibited.
  • Affixing any signs on light fixtures, permanent sign posts, trees, bus shelters, and trash containers is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized distribution without permission is not permitted,


  • Banner may be used to announce or advertise events sponsored by academic departments, administrative departments or student activity programs.
  • The use of banners on campus is limited to banners being hung from the bridge between Stroud Hall and the University Center, University Center balcony and on the entrance to Dansbury Commons, and on Athletic Fields.
  • The Assistant to the Athletic Director must authorize banners to be hung in athletic fields.
  • The President or his/her designee may authorize large banners to be hung from buildings on special occasions or for limited events.
  • Only banners that are on vinyl or suitable fabric will be permitted.
  • The maximum size for banners is 4 feet x 12 feet.
  • The President or his/her designee may authorize large banners to be hung from buildings.


  • The University recognizes chalking as protected speech in a designated public forum at the following locations:
    • Walkways in front and behind Stroud Hall
    • Walkways in front of the Hoeffner Science & Technology Center
    • Walkways at entrance to Dansbury Commons
    • Walkways on the Quad
    • Walkways in front of the Fine & Performing Arts Center
  • Chalking must be done with water-soluble chalk.
  • Chalking may only be done on concrete sidewalks.
  • Writing, marking and sketching on vertical surfaces is considered graffiti and an act of vandalism.

Reason For Policy:

The purpose of the policy is to protect campus facilities from damage and prevent litter and illegal graffiti.

Appeal Statement:

Any individual, group or department wishing to appeal a denial of request to post, chalk or hang banners may appeal to the Vice President of Administration and Finance whose decision in all cases will be final.


Graffiti – Writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed on a wall or other surface in a public place.

Signs – Flyers, posters, notice of events, announcements, advertisements. Leaflets, schedules and other informatory literature printed on paper and not exceeding 11”x17”.

Banners – vinyl or suitable fabric with grommets for hanging on which a sign or words are painted. Size cannot exceed 4’ x 12’.

Chalking – Writing/art-work that is drawn using washable chalk, excluding paint, aerosol or other writing material including charcoal.

Outdoor signs – Traffic or directional signage in collapsible frames including signs erected using stakes or metallic frames etc. placed on university grounds or near sidewalks/roadways.

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