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University Policies

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  • Policy Title: Parking
  • Policy Number: ESU-AF-2014-002-A
  • Effective Date: April 24, 2014
  • Adopted Date: April 24, 2014
  • Last Reviewed: N/A
  • Amended: April 21, 2015
  • Related Policies: None

Policy Statement:

The East Stroudsburg University Police Department is responsible for establishing and enforcing Parking Guidelines. All motor vehicles parking on campus must have a valid parking permit. This includes visitors to the campus.

The University and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania assume no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any motor vehicle parked or driven on its property. The University Police may ticket, boot or tow any illegally parked vehicle in accordance with the parking guidelines.

All parking lots and sections of parking lots are designated for specific permits. Vehicles must park in a lot that is designated for the type of permit you are issued. A complete list of parking areas is available at the University Police Department Headquarters and on the website.

East Stroudsburg University makes every effort to ensure that parking is available to students, faculty, staff and visitors. Parking fills up on a first come, first serve basis and it is not possible to guarantee core parking to all users. The University utilizes a parking management plan through lot designations parking enforcement, and a paid permit system. ESU also adds additional parking supply when needed, based on enrollment projections and other mitigating factors. The University encourages individuals to plan ahead, utilize public transportation and car pool when possible, in order to support our collective efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources and alleviate congestion.

Reason For Policy:

Parking guidelines help to ensure proper management of the university parking resources and that there is an orderly system in place for all who use vehicles when visiting the East Stroudsburg University campus. They also set the standards for the safe operation of vehicles while on campus.

Appeal Statement:

Contact the Director of Parking/Transportation at the University Police Department, 570-422-3127


Core Parking: Parking lots which are located directly adjacent to academic buildings and/or housing are considered core parking. Peripheral parking is located in those lots which are not directly adjacent to academic buildings or University-owned or affiliated housing.

Other Relevant Information:

A complete list of all Parking Guidelines is available at the University Police Department Headquarters and on the website.