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University Policies

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Policy Statement:

Emergency housing requests by current students may be made in person or over the phone to the Housing and Operations office.

Requests are subject to the availability of an emergency housing room, which is typically only during the spring semester, due to limited vacancies within the residence halls during the fall semester.

A per-diem charge is assessed and directly applied to the student’s account on the next business day.

Individuals residing in the halls on an emergency basis are expected to adhere to all university and residence hall policies and are held responsible for policy violations and any damages to the facility.

Reason For Policy:

To address and detail conditions under which commuting and off-campus students may request to use an emergency overnight housing room on campus. Circumstances may include, but are not limited to: inclement weather, facilities emergencies in a student’s off campus apartment, and off campus safety concerns.

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Emergency Housing Procedures