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Sponsored Projects Accounting

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Sponsored Projects Accounting is responsible for the financial aspects of the pre-award budget development and post-award administration of sponsored activity for the University, directly managing accounts for Restricted Funds.

This includes the following key focus areas:

Grant Accounting - Ensure proper stewardship of restricted funds, provide financial oversight and assistance to Principal Investigators (PIs), prepare financial reports, prepare invoices for reimbursable projects, and work directly with the Office of Sponsored Projects and Reasearch (OSPR) to coordinate information for sponsored projects.

Setup and Closeout - Set up projects in the Finance System (SAP) in a timely manner and manage financial close upon project completion.  The set up includes the creation of a unique Fund, Fund Center, and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for each Sponsored Project awarded to the University, as well as loading the budget into the system and transferring in any required matching funds.  The closeout of a grant entails a review of the account activity to verify all expenses are allowable and the preparation and submission of all required financial closeout reports.

Grant Reporting & Compliance - Ensuring the highest levels of integrity are met in all ares of regulatory compliance in managing Sponsored Projects.  Review and approval of purchase requisitions, invoices, and payroll to ensure expenditures are in accordance with all applicable Federal/State/University/Sponsor laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and terms of the award.