Below is a list of all available programs that the Wellness Education & Prevention Office has to offer. If you do not see a program that suits your needs, contact Brittany Powers to request an additional program.

Current Programs

Discover what’s fact and fiction in this drug abuse and dependency defining program that teaches you about different addictions and the effects they can have on your life. The symptoms might not surprise you, but the repercussions will!
Bar Crawl
Come take a trip down Main Street in this interactive bar crawl. This scenario based program will take you through real life examples of consent, being an active bystander, and alcohol poisoning while teaching you how to PARTY smart and what to do if someone has alcohol poisoning.
This program focuses on individual self-acceptance and positive body image. Covering mental and physical health along with healthy dieting, this program dives deep into your perception of how you view yourself and ways to improve your confidence.
Breathe Easy
What’s the difference between smoking and vaping? Is vaping really that bad? What the heck is in an e-cigarette? Is mouth tobacco really that bad for me? Find out where to get help for tobacco addictions on campus.
Busting Out Stress
Exams, papers, and deadlines stressing you out? Get tips and tricks for studying better, getting more sleep, and ways to manage your stress. Learn the ways stress affects your body mentally and physically and how a bad diet plays into your bad mood. Learn where you can get help and how to use your resources to its full extent.
Contraception Not Conception
Let us tell you the ins-and-outs of contraceptives, so you can decide which is best for you and your lifestyle. We’ll also cover the different types of sex, and how to maintain a safe sexual relationship. This program may have a tongue-twister title, but you’ll walk out able to speak confidently about contraceptives!
Contraceptives, Consent, and Cupcakes
Do you know how many quarts of milk a male condom can hold? What are the symptoms of chlamydia in men and women? How many calories do you burn during 30 minutes of sex? In this nail-biter game of trivia, we cover the different types of contraception, healthy sexual behaviors, and how to best protect yourself from STD’s and STI’s.
Deadly Decisions
Ever think about driving drunk? This program will educate you on the real cost of a DUI, and what happens when you get arrested. Learn safe alternatives to driving after drinking, how to handle it when things get dangerous, and the future consequences of drunk driving. Trust us, you can’t afford to miss this.
Do You Really Need Weed?
Think marijuana is all fun and games? Think again. Learn the physical and financial effects of weed, how it works, as well as its many forms and supposedly “safe” alternatives. This program will separate fact from fiction, answering the question – no, you really don’t need weed.
Drunk or Flunk
Can you party hard and still succeed academically? You may think your professors believe you when you say, “but I studied all night” when your drinking is reflected in your grades. This program goes into why your grades suffer the more you drink and where to go for help.
Focus on Finals
Let us tell you how to survive finals week without going crazy, pulling your hair out, or starting a diet of Red Bull and coffee. Learn the Law of Adderall, and other “study drugs” – and why you don’t need them if they are not prescribed to you! After this program, you’ll have all the help you’ll ever need for less stress, more focus, and a healthier mind and body.
Germ Busters
Germs, germs, everywhere! Did you know that a man who had never been to Japan was found to have germs native to Japanese soil in his bellybutton? Find out this and the rest of the dirty truth in this germy jeopardy game, as well as how to protect yourself one question at a time.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Wellness
You know the movies. You know the houses. Now it’s your turn to enter the race for the Triwizard Cup! Learn how to PARTY Smart, be an active bystander, ask for consent, and how to stay healthy at Hogwarts... I mean ESU.
Remember Tic-Tac-Toe? Well it’s been revamped so each turn is a new trivia question about the common flu, stress, living a healthy lifestyle, being active and more. With mini games like “Name That Drug” and “MyPlate Charades” the fun never ends!
The Healthy College Life
Health can often take a back seat in the transition from “real life” to college whether you’re a fresh-faced freshman or a seasoned senior. Learn everything from what it means to PARTY Smart and practicing safe sex to setting yourself up for financial and academic success. Take full advantage of the opportunities you have at ESU and put your best, healthiest self forward.
Healthy Relationships
Do you surround yourself with healthy relationships? This program gives you the breakdown of what healthy and unhealthy relationships are and explains what to do if you or someone you know is in an unhealthy relationship. We’ll cover the cycle of relationship violence, how to spot abuse, and how to be an active bystander.
You bring the brains, we bring Alex Trebek! (Or something like that). Come test your smarts about drug and alcohol use, preventing the spread of STD’s/ STI’s, and the laws of underage drinking. Think you have what it takes? Find out – there’s never a loser when you play with us!
Keep Moving
We all know how hard it is to find time to take care of yourself in college – but it doesn’t have to be! At Keep Moving you’ll learn ways to exercise, eat healthy, and even get enough sleep- trust us, it’s possible- while navigating the college terrain. Let’s get moving!
Live Free from HIV
Have any questions about HIV or AIDS? They can be answered here, as well as what it means to give and receive consent before/during sex, how to use a condom, and on-campus resources for STD/STI testing, Condom Hotspots, and more. Let us tell you how to really live free from HIV!
Meet Molly
Think molly is the “Love Drug”? Think again. Learn about the drug taking the party scene by storm, as well as the signs of overdose, how to protect yourself, and separate fact from fiction.
No Glove, No Love
How is consent like a cup of tea? Come find out with us, as well as the science of condomology, separating fact from fiction, and on-campus Condom Hotspots.
Nutrition 101
We’ve all heard of the Freshman 15, but soon it’ll be a thing of the past. Nutrition 101 is a crash course on healthy eating habits, how to read nutrition labels, and how to navigate the dining hall. Learn the effects of sugar on the body (with polar bears!) and effective weight management tips too.
Party Safe: Party Drugs
Think your brain works on crack cocaine? Wrong! Debunk this and many other drug-related myths, as well as learn the dangers of LSD, ecstasy, and cocaine. These drugs often go by other names too – we’ve got them all! And, as always, learn why you can’t give consent while on drugs and how to Step Up! in problematic situations.
Pills Aren’t Thrills
What are the four most commonly abused prescription drugs on college campuses? Learn this and other FAQ’s of prescription drug abuse. Abusing prescription drugs is a real problem with real consequences – trust us, it’s not a thrill.
Red Light, Green Light
This scenario-based game shines the light on consent and gets in-depth with real life examples of what does and does not constitute as consent.
Red Watch Band
Toxic drinking is a widespread problem on college campuses- this means consuming quantities of alcohol that make the consumer pass out. While we may think they are just "sleeping it off," the person may be quietly dying. The Red Watch Band program is an hour and a half training working toward an end to alcohol poisoning related deaths by teaching students how to handle alcohol emergencies and call for help.
The Red Zone
We aren’t talking about the area between the 20-yard line and the goal line. The Red Zone we are talking about is the period of time between the beginning of the fall semester and Thanksgiving. Sexual assault is a sensitive topic to talk about, but we are here to help you stay safe and have the best experience during your time at ESU!
Sex Bingo
Not your Granny’s Bingo! Learn new sex-related facts while playing a cut-throat game of bingo for prizes.
Sex Double Dare
This revamped version of Jeopardy has you getting physical. With new categories like Myth or Fact, Contraception Methods, etc., you’ll be on the edge of your seat wanting to know more!
This is not your average Tic-Tac-Toe game. Learn about STD’s/STI’s, sexual assault, and condoms while contemplating where to place your next game piece.
In need of a Skintervention? Find out what you need to keep your skin clean and looking its best. Learn a face-friendly diet for even the most sensitive skin. Learn what type of skin you have and how to best take care of it and tips on what makeup works best for you!
Sleep Tight Sleep Right
Did you know lack of sleep can lead to difficulties in concentration and reaction time? The dangers of sleep deprivation are real – so real, that going 21 hours without sleep is equivalent to being drunk! Let us tell you healthy ways to fall asleep and stay asleep.
Squeeze Me, Please Me, but Don’t Disease Me
Did you know there are 21 steps to using a condom correctly? Do you know what puts you at risk of contracting an STD/STI and the difference between the two? Find the answer to these questions and more. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it!
Super Spring Break
Before you head out for a Spring Break Bash, let us fill you in on what to consider before you leave. Are you going international? We’ll tell you about that too. Learn how to PARTY Smart and keep it fun.
Twisted Twister
Find yourself getting tangled in daily struggles? Let’s unravel. Come play a game of Twister while educating yourself about real life facts about sex, drugs and alcohol. There’s never a loser when you play with us!
Watch Your BAC
Do you know how to keep your BAC low.? Well we do! Let us tell you this and other things like what a standard drink really looks like, the dangers of alcohol poisoning, and even try on the infamous drunk goggles! Don’t worry, we’ve got your BAC, and now you can watch yours too.
We Care: Sexual Assault
Sexual assault isn’t something anyone likes to talk about. It is critical to keep you informed about this on college campuses across the U.S.. Learn how to protect yourself and others as well as how to Step UP! when things get tough. We’ll also cover things like consent, the real definition of “bae”, and on or off-campus resources where you can find help when you need it most. This is not a program you want to miss.
What Would YOU Do?
In this live action scenario-based program, participants get a chance to see real life conflicts about consent, relationship violence, and alcohol poisoning. Learn how to Step Up! and be an active bystander.
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Do you think you know it all when it comes to drinking, sex, and being an active bystander? We’re here to test your knowledge with Who Wants to be a Millionaire? We don’t have million dollars or the dramatic music, but you can still phone a friend if you get stumped!

Step Up! Series

Step Up!
A Bystander Intervention Program that educates students on how to be proactive in helping others. Learn the 5 Steps and the 3 D’s to be an active bystander and Step Up! in your community.
Step Up! Scenarios Strike Back
Similar to Step Up!, Scenarios Strike Back uses new scenarios to demonstrate how to help others in need when trouble arises, and offers additional information to prepare ourselves to be active bystanders. What will you do to Step Up!?
Step Up! Hazing
No matter who you are, hazing isn’t cool. Did you know that since 1970, there’s been at least one student death each year in the U.S. related to hazing practices? This Step Up! program will teach you the 3 D’s of being an active bystander, and how to step up (literally) in the face of hazing. Learn to stop the cycle, and on or off-campus resources when you need help.

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The Wellness Education & Prevention office is open between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in the Flagler-Metzgar Center. If there are any questions regarding programming, upcoming events, or general health questions feel free to contact Brittany Powers.

If you have experienced sexual assault and need crisis support, please call Women’s Resources of Monroe County, Inc, at (570) 421-4200 or the National Sexual Assault Hotline at (800) 656-HOPE (4673) or visit their 24/7 chat.

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