East Stroudsburg University’s Legislative fellow program was introduced in January 1999. The program is designed to bring state legislators to campus to participate in a variety of campus activities and to meet formally and informally with students, faculty, and staff throughout the year.

Legislative Fellows are selected through a non-partisan process by a committee of faculty and staff members jointly appointed by the University President and the local chapter of APSCUF. Once appointed at the beginning of each academic year, these distinguished political leaders serve for the duration of that year.

Fellows are selected based on their records of achievement and service to their community and to the commonwealth. They may serve as guest lecturers in classrooms or symposia and are invited to attend, as our guest, all university-sponsored events on campus including commencement activities.

Past Legislative Fellows

  • 1999 – Joseph W. Battisto, Rep. 189th District
  • 2000 – Lisa M. Boscola, Senator 18th District
  • 2001 – Richard T. Grucela, Rep. 137th District
  • 2002 – Craig A. Dally, Rep. 138th District
  • 2003 – Thomas M. Tigue, Rep. 118th District
  • 2004 – Charles D. Lemmond, Senator 20th District
  • 2005 – Mario M. Scavello, Rep. 176th District
  • 2006 – Raphael J. Musto, Senator 14th District
  • 2007 – John J. Siptroth, Rep. 189th District
  • 2008 – Lisa J. Baker, Senator 20th District
  • 2009 – Robert J. Mellow, Senator 22nd District
  • 2010 – Mike Carroll, Rep. 118th District
  • 2011 – John T. Yudichak, Senator 14th District
  • 2012 – Michael T. Pfeifer, Rep. 139th District
  • 2013 – Rosemary M. Brown, Rep. 189th District
  • 2014 – Steve Samuelson, Rep. 135th District
  • 2015 – John Blake, Senator 22nd District
  • 2016 – Karen Boback, Rep. 117th District
  • 2017 – Jack Rader Jr., Rep. 176th District
  • 2018 – Judith L. Schwank, Senator 11th District
  • 2019 – Maureen E. Madden, Rep. 115th District

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