The President's Commission for Women (CFW) was established at ESU in 1988. The Commission is an outgrowth of recommendations established by the American Council on Education, Office of Women in Higher Education, Commission on Women in Higher Education. In accordance with American Council on Education guidelines, the Commission periodically reports to the President issues of concern to women students, faculty, coaches, staff, and managers on the ESU campus.


Based on an understanding of the historical inequities women have faced in institutions of higher education, ESU's Commission for Women (CFW) is committed to envisioning, implementing, and monitoring the goals and objectives of gender equity.

Gender Equity Includes

  • Fairness in the assignment of economic and social rewards
  • Access to equal opportunities for advancement and learning
  • Respect and support for individual contributions and competencies

History of Efforts and Accomplishments

  • Research on hiring and salaries for women coaches; advocating for equity in women's athletics (1990)
  • Advocating for departmental housing for the Women's Studies minor (accomplished 2008)
  • Advocating for advancement opportunities for women staff (department secretaries and housekeeping)


The goals of the CFW (2009 - 2014) are to:

  • Provide a supportive and inclusive campus climate for women
  • Promote an understanding and awareness of the historical and current gender inequities at ESU
  • Advocate for gender equity in the assignment of economic rewards
  • Encourage gender equity in the assignment of social rewards
  • Support gender equity in access to opportunities throughout the ESU community

Membership on the CFW

Membership is open to interested parties from across the campus. Members may volunteer, be recommended or appointed to the CFW. A majority of the CFW will be women. The CFW will elect a person to recommend to the President for appointment as Chair of the Commission, who will serve as the liaison between the President and the CFW.

The CFW will seek representation from identified campus constituencies including faculty, coaches, staff, and students, as well as the various bargaining units and non-bargaining unit employees.

The CFW has identified some offices/programs/positions to serve as ex officio (by virtue of the office) representatives, including the Women's Center director, Women's Studies coordinator, Committee on Racial Equality and Diversity (CORED), Committee on Sexual Orientation and University Life (SOUL), Director of Equal Opportunity in Sport, and the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity.

TERMS OF OFFICE: Membership is offered for a 3 year period, which may be extended so long as interest and active participation is maintained.

Contact the President's Office at (570) 422-3545 or

Contact Information

Campus Address
Stroud Hall 414
Title of Department Leader
Chair Commission for Women
Dr. Laurene Clossey
(570) 422-3955
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