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Institutional Facts | Mission | Values | Strategic Plan

East Stroudsburg University is a comprehensive university in northeastern Pennsylvania offering 57 undergraduate programs, 21 master's programs, 1 doctoral program and is one of the 14 institutions in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (the State System).

The university's campus, in the heart of the Pocono Mountains and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, is located less than two hours away from both New York City and Philadelphia. With an enrollment of over 6,700, ESU's student body is made up of students from 26 states and 19 countries, the majority of ESU undergraduate students are from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and approximately 47% reside on campus.

In Fall 2017, 11.9% of students were Hispanic, 16.3% were African American, 3.6% were Multiracial, 1.8% were Asian, 0.2% were American Indian or Alaskan Native, and 0.1% were Pacific Islander. 2.2% of students were an unknown race or ethnicity, while 1.2% were international students. The highest enrolled academic programs at ESU are Biological Sciences, Business Management, Sociology (Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Sociology), Psychology, and Nursing. Ninety-one percent of the university's full-time permanent instructional faculty members hold terminal degrees possible in their academic fields.

ESU is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.


East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania will provide:

Challenging and contemporary undergraduate and graduate curricula that engage and equip students to critically appraise and apply knowledge in their lives and chosen fields of study.A scholarly community that promotes diversity and views teaching as the university's primary focus.Varied opportunities for student and faculty research, creative endeavors and involvement in public service.Leadership and service in the educational, cultural and economic development of the region.


ESU will be an innovative and entrepreneurial university—educationally, socially, organizationally, and culturally —with an emphasis on quality and collaboration in everything we provide. As a scholarly community, its faculty, students, staff, administrators, and affiliates will be encouraged to be innovative and to explore opportunities that will constantly energize and improve its mission as a learning community of the 21st Century. As a "university without walls," its sense of community will extend well beyond campus boundaries to embrace ESU's surrounding communities and region to become a model that other organizations will want to emulate.


We are committed to the principles of intellectual integrity, freedom of expression, the fair and equal treatment of all, good citizenship, environmental stewardship, and accountability for our actions and the resources entrusted to us.

Strategic Plan

In pursuit of its mission and vision, East Stroudsburg University seeks to adhere to the following principles in both the development of its strategic plan and its ongoing decision-making processes. Used in conjunction with the values outlined above, ESU is committed to:

Providing quality, affordable academic programs as well as opportunities for lifelong learning, always focusing on student success.Sustaining an intellectually challenging environment that identifies and enhances its students' and the university community members' talents.Creating opportunities for innovation that focus on high impact teaching and learning both inside, and outside, of the classroom.Identifying, recruiting, and retaining students representing a multicultural world who by background, motivation, and commitment can benefit from higher education.Attracting and retaining a diverse, recognized, and credentialed faculty committed to excellence in teaching and continuing scholarship.Attracting and retaining exemplary faculty, staff members, and administrators who accept responsibility and accountability for the personal, professional, educational, and social values espoused by the University.Providing leadership, expertise, and service to its local, regional, and global societies.Encouraging opportunities for the university community to develop positive, healthy, and holistic lifestyles.Serving as a source of cultural and intellectual programs of importance to students and residents of the region.Building and maintaining partnerships to enhance opportunities for students, alumni, and the university community.

East Stroudsburg University's Strategic Plan, Students First: Innovate ESU, is designed as a three-year rolling plan, knowing that we will continue to evolve as an institution. The plan to put students first through innovation is grounded in student success, innovative faculty, innovation and entrepreneurship, and building community, both internally, and externally.

Using the "Environmental Scan: Population and Labor Projections 2010-2020" as a guide, East Stroudsburg University's plan includes goals and strategies that recognize the demographic and workforce changes that are predicted for the first three years of our planning process. Our primary goal during this period will be to develop a respectful, responsible, accountable, risk-taking, resilient and fun campus culture that is prepared to tackle challenges and opportunities within its control and to take on unexpected challenges and opportunities. Our primary focus, and thus our first goal, will be to put students first. We believe that the best ways for us to develop a culture of what we call "our university without walls" is through our second two goals—A Strong Sense of Community and A Reputation for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. By raising our standards, accountability, and respect for one another's work and by reaching out beyond our campus boundaries to create partnerships that will have an impact on the lives of the people in our region, we believe that our day-to-day work—our scholarship, research, teaching, service, and professionalism—will substantially increase in quality, thereby accelerating our ability to attain all of our other goals as a learning community. We understand that this will be an ongoing journey for us. Every member of our university will need to play a role in removing the walls and barriers that have at times kept us from achieving our aspirations and seizing our opportunities. We believe that each new draft of Students First: Innovate ESU will keep us reviewing, renewing, and moving toward the goals and values we endorse as important to the future of East Stroudsburg University.

  1. Student Success at ESU: achieving higher satisfaction, retention and graduation rates.
  2. A Strong Sense of Community: understanding and living ESU's mission and values and building a commitment to our community and region.
  3. A Reputation for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: creating a curious, inventive, and risk-taking culture.
  4. Innovative Faculty: developing a culture of research and scholarship and rethinking the preparation of successful graduates.