Name Title Email Phone
John Bloshinski Interim Director, Facilities Management 3631
Christine Langlois Interim Assistant Director, Facilities Management 3189
Antonio Orlando Jr. Manager, Facilities Procurement & Plant Assets 3498
James Martin Manager, Campus Care & Structural Repair 3669
Scott Heinrich Manager, Energy & Plant Services 3668
Vacant Manager, Administrative & Customer Services 3498
Vacant Manager, Building Care Services   3010
Planning & Engineering
Donald Lynch Sr. Project Manager 3218
Schawki Milan Project Manager 3871
Customer Services/General Information
Wendy Smith Secretary 3224
Tania Ramirez Secretary 3223
Mailroom, Receiving & Distribution Center
Andrew Johnson Supervisor 3093
Richard Homar Mailroom Clerk 3296
Todd Repsher Mailroom Clerk 3296
Scott Seifert Stock Clerk 3220
Building Care Services - Custodial Staff
Thomas Cannon Custodial Supervisor 3822
Helen Seidof Custodial Supervisor 3010
Toussaint Washington Custodial Supervisor 3116
Building Maintenance
Michael Galasso Building Maintenance Supervisor 3078
Vacant Locksmith   3078
Vacant Electrical Maintenance Supervisor   3548
Wayne Heller Plumbing Maintenance Supervisor 3083
Campus Care      
Steve Strunk Grounds Supervisor 3079
Bruce Vandermark General Service Supervisor 3082
Energy & Plant Services
Roger Hammond Utility Plant Supervisor 3097

Your primary contact is the Customer Service Desk at (570) 422-3223 where we receive and record all calls, which are transmitted immediately to the appropriate managers and supervisors. For assistance after hours, please contact Campus Police at (570) 422-3064.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Facilities Management Complex
(570) 422-3223
(570) 422-3777 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Interim Director Facilities Management
John Bloshinski II
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