The Certification in Instructional Technology is compliant with Pennsylvania Department of Education Instructional Technology Specialist Certification Standards and/or 24 credits.

You can earn certification with or without the master's degree.

Purpose of certification

The Instructional Technology Specialist Certification (ITSC) is a non-instructional certification permitting the holder to function in a support role for Pennsylvania K-12 classroom and school activities.

Certification Process Requirements

  • Apply to the Graduate College - Meet with the Graduate Coordinator and apply to the Graduate Program.
  • Review the Course Guide to help you plan. Meet with your adviser.
  • Complete and Submit your Portfolio - Demonstrate that you are proficient in the Pennsylvania Instructional Technologists Specialist standards. This is typically done through the completion of 24 credits. Our Portfolio Guidelines delineate content needed; specifically Chapter 5 "Instructional Technology Specialist Certification Portfolio."
  • Complete Internship - Complete a 3-credit Internship.

Certification relation to the M.Ed.

You can earn certification during your master's study. In the portfolio, address ways you met the Pennsylvania Instructional Technologists Specialist standards.

Sample Portfolio with M.Ed & ITSC: John Blick, M.Ed.

Certification relation to Previous Experience

You can earn certification based on substantial prior experience with limited course work. Each candidate must apply to the Graduate College, make an appointment with the Instructional Technology graduate coordinator, and submit a Portfolio that aligns artifacts to the Instructional Technology Specialist Standards. Also, the candidate must adhere to the PA Chapter 49 law which states that each candidate must meet special education and English language learners requirements. After review, individual candidate's learning needs will be determined.

Sample Portfolio with only ITSC application + Previous Experience: Ryan A. Maxwell, MS Ed

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