The Northeast Wildlife DNA laboratory initiative is to understand and combat the threat of infectious diseases.

The laboratory focuses on vector–borne diseases that affect humans, pets, livestock and wildlife.

The goal of the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory is to merge the boundaries between the medical and environmental sciences, and in so doing, create opportunities at East Stroudsburg University for research and training in the epidemiology of agents affecting both human health and the natural environment.


The laboratory also provides training for undergraduate and graduate students at East Stroudsburg University.

The Student Internship Program at the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory emphasizes the practical application of technologies, methodologies, and practices related to infectious diseases.

The program also provides students with rich and diversified research opportunities in a variety of areas ranging from basic studies of epidemiology, diagnostics, forensics, genetics, and ecology of vector–borne diseases.

Out–reach programs of the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory provide educational materials for residents of Monroe County.


The laboratory offers diagnostic service for identification of certain vectored pathogens that cause a number of infectious diseases.

This service is available to the public.

Ticks removed from either humans or animals such as dogs, cats, and livestock can be submitted for identification and for pathogen screening. The Tick Card provides additional information.


The Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory is actively conducting a surveillance program, determining the prevalence of multiple pathogenic agents vectored by blacklegged ticks, American dog ticks and Lone star ticks across Pennsylvania.


The Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife through a cooperative, in an ongoing study are researching the prevalence of the parasitic agents Toxoplasma and Trichinella in the Eastern black bear.

To Learn more about ESU's Wildlife DNA Laboratory and the services available, please contact Nicole Chinnici at

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