Standard Service

This provides analysis of the sample(s) when rush services are not required. Samples are processed FIFO and typical turn-around is four to five weeks. Special cases and difficult samples may take longer and additional charges may apply.

Species Identification

  • To identify the species of the sample for samples that are unknown, cooked, mixed or partially degraded.

Parts/Identity Matching

  • To determine individual identity of the sample for matching of parts and/or contribution to mixtures.


  • To determine relationship of the sample for parentage, kinship and relatedness.

Gender Typing

  • To determine gender of the sample.

Blood Characterization

  • To determine the origin of the sample as being human or non–human.

Expert Testimony

  • Now available

Additional Forensic Services and Fees

Critical Investigation Service

  • This is the fastest service offered. With this service, work will start on the sample(s) immediately upon receipt by the laboratory. Work will be completed as soon as sound scientific practice allows.
  • An additional charge of 50% per sample will be applied. Additional charges may apply.

To Learn more about ESU's Wildlife DNA Laboratory and the services available, please contact Nicole Chinnici at

Contact Information

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ESU Innovation Center
(570) 422-7892
(570) 422-3724 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Nicole Chinnici
(570) 422-7891
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