East Stroudsburg University's web content and web-based services must be accessibible to all Warriors, regardless of ability.

Because all campus departments and offices may need to create or provide accessible web content, the ICT Accessibility Task Force recommends the following training, resources, tools, and support to ESU content creators.


ESU offers training to all staff, faculty or students creating web content.

Primary ESU Website
University Relations offers training for web stewards, including accessibility standards, on a monthly basis during the academic year.  Please email Steve LaBadie for the next training date.
Faculty Websites and other "Quantum" WordPress-hosted Websites

See specific training materials for Faculty WordPress websites.

University Relations is currently developing a training workshop to help you convert other existing WordPress websites to be accessibility compliant. If you have any questions please email Steve LaBadie.

Scanning Tools

ESU provides a number of tools to assist you in scanning your website for accessibility compliance.

Primary ESU Website, Faculty Websites and other "Quantum" WordPress-hosted Websites

ESU has licensed SiteImprove, an website monitoring platform that continuously detects and notifies us about accessibility compliance violations (among other things). SiteImprove currently monitors the Primary ESU Website and several WordPress-hosed websites, not yet including faculty websites.

University Relations is working to provide content owners & web stewards with direct access to this information. Please contact Steve LaBadie if you are interested in early access.

D2L Pages

Use SiteImprove's >Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox to scan individual D2L pages for accessibility compliance.

To scan documents and videos that you may upload to D2L, see the Center for Teaching with Technology's Accessibility Resources.

Additional Web Platforms

Use SiteImprove's Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox to scan individual web pages for accessibility compliance.

To scan a full website, University Relations offers a separate tool that may be used at workstations in the Web Services office (Stroud Hall 307). Please contact Steve LaBadie for more information.

Written Resources

These resources may be useful regardless of the type of website::

Additional Resources for Specific Web Platforms

"Quantum" WordPress Websites

Support Contacts

If you still have accessibility compliance questions after utilizing the training and resources above, we are here to assist you.

Primary ESU Website, Faculty Websites and other "Quantum" WordPress-hosted Websites
Please email Steve LaBadie with any additional accessibility questions about these web platforms.
D2L Pages
Please email Devin Feighan for additional questions about accessibility within D2L.
Additional Web Platforms
Please contact Steve LaBadie with questions about the accessibility of any additional web platforms used at ESU.

Contact Us

Please share any questions or feedback with the accessibility task force.

Contact Information

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Chair, ICT Accessibility Task Force
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