Why is document accessibility important? Making digital content accessible provides access to individuals with disabilities.

When content is made accessible, assistive technology programs can read the information, explain images, and flow through the content in a logical manner. 

Because all campus departments and offices may need to create or provide accessible video content, the ICT Accessibility Task Force recommends the following training, resources, tools, and support to ESU content creators.

Written Material

Please visit the Center for Teaching with Technology Accessibility Resource page for resources specific to individual file formats.

Scanning Tools

Tools will vary depending on the file format.

Support Contact

Contact Kim Roselli, (570) 422-2707, with questions about document accessibility.

Contact Us

Please share any questions or feedback with the accessibility task force.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Marketing and Communications and the Office of Accessible Services Individualized for Students
Title of Department Leader
Co-Chair, ICT Accessibility Task Force
Kim Roselli