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Meeting with Your Advisor FAQ

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Answers to your frequently asked questions on meeting with your advisor.

When should I visit my advisor?

Meet with your advisor at least one week before the class registration date shown on your MyESU portal. See the Student Advising Timeline.

How are advisors assigned?

Departments across campus assign their advisors to advisees in different ways - some do it by program, some do it by type of student, many try to distribute advisees equitably. You may change your advisor with permission of your department chair. If you have not yet chosen a major, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor in Exploratory Studies / Undeclared Advising.

How do I contact my advisor?

Contact your advisor through his/her preferred method. Some ask you to email them; some use online appointment software; some request that you sign up on a sign-up sheet at their office. If they don't tell you, just ask them!

Title IX Reporting Responsibilities

Students can help those who believe they may have been victimized sexually or who have been accused of sexual misconduct by consulting ESU’s Title IX Coordinator. Students should know that all faculty must report any incidents of sexual misconduct (unless they were noted during a classroom discussion, in a writing assignment for a class, or as part of a University-approved research project). If a student does not want this information reported under the student’s name, he or she can speak to employees with confidential exemptions. These include the Title IX Coordinator, University Police, and the Director of Human Resources Management.