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Large Classroom Assistant

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The Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning continues to be supportive of teaching efforts in large classrooms of 60 or more students. This year, in place of the guru program, we are returning to the Large Classroom Assistant (LCA) program.

The Program

The Large Classroom Assistant (LCA) program supports faculty who are teaching (three or four credit) classes of sixty (60) or more students (for classes of 120 or greater registered students, two LCA’s can be provided). The LCA can assist faculty in any classroom activity deemed appropriate for 6 hours per week for up to 15 weeks a semester at $9.00 per hour.

The Procedure

When a class enrolls the minimum number of students (60), the professor will receive an email alert notifying them they can hire an LCA. Once request is submitted by professor and approved by DAEL Chair, hiring is completed by the requesting professor and ESU Human Resources. Please contact Human Resources with questions regarding the hiring procedure.

Once the professor of the qualifying class hires a student, the funds will be transferred to the receiving department's ISF cost code.

Please note: all requests must be processed no later than the third week of class.

Position Description

Students participating in the East Stroudsburg University Large Class Assistant (LCA) program are required to attend all classes for which they are providing support. LCAs will work directly with professors who will outline their position responsibilities which may include: verifying class rosters, taking attendance, arranging for technology services, and assisting with maintaining and uploading course materials and information onto D2L. Additionally, LCAs can assist with scanning, copying, collating, distributing course materials, and updating bulletin boards. The Large Classroom Assistant may be assigned other duties as directed by the professor that are appropriate, but may not perform any functions as instructor of record, e.g., LCAs are not to grade any course assignments.