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Tutoring Program

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The University-Wide Tutorial Program, located in the Warrior Tutoring Center (Rosenkrans, East), provides free peer tutoring to all ESU undergraduate students. Each year over 5,000 students visit the Center and receive tutoring from qualified and trained undergraduate and graduate peer tutors in nearly 70 subjects. 

Types of Tutoring Sessions

Drop-In Tutoring Sessions:
Drop-In Labs are for students who have a specific question or assignment, need clarification of content or assistance with study skills. Check the drop-in schedule by clicking the link below to see tutor availability. No appointment needed!

Individual Tutoring Sessions:
Individual tutors assists students in one-on-one tutoring sessions. Individual tutoring is offered for courses that are not generally offered in drop-in sessions or offered to a student who needs more in-depth assistance with course content and study skills than a drop-in session provides. 

Small Group Tutoring Sessions:
Organized, small study groups designed to help students (often in the same major) master content with classmates along with the help of a tutor.

Supplemental Instruction:
A series of weekly review and discussion sessions attached to specific courses that are historically difficult for students.

*If you need assistance with English and/or writing papers ONLY, please go to the Writing Studio located in Kemp Library.

What Should I Expect During a Tutoring Session?

During tutoring sessions, the tutor focuses on course content, problem solving, or course assignments that the student wants to work through. Additionally, tutors will discuss study habits.