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My internship experience as an event planner at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort has influenced me both personally and professionally. I learned how to successfully plan and implement all types of special events, and how to comply with the client’s needs and wants. My internship made me realize that event planning is the field that I should be in and clarified that I made the right decision for my future. I will take all that I learned with me as I move forward in my career.” Cara Ciaramella

The Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, FL, is a private resort where I did my internship. I planned and implemented events for children and adult groups who came for conferences and vacations. It is absolutely beautiful; it's like being in paradise. Megan McHale

Our Program was one of the first programs in the country to participate in the Disney Theme Parks & Resorts College Program. This Program allows students to complete a professional internship with a highly respected and well-known company.

  • Our internships are intensive, full-time fieldwork experiences.
  • Internships provide students the opportunity to apply what has been learned in the classroom to a work setting.
  • Students are supervised by professionals who guide their development.
  • Upon completion of an internship, a student is prepared for an entry-level professional position.
  • These fieldwork experiences are determined by a student's career preference.
  • Faculty carefully advise students during the internship planning process.
  • No geographic limitation is placed on students.
  • Faculty have regular, on-going contact during a student's internship.

Following are some of the other locations where Recreation Services Management majors have completed their internships: