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Meredith McCracken, Class of 2012

Meredith McCrackenI graduated from ESU with my MPH in Community Health Education in 2012. After graduation, I worked for a Healthcare Technology company located at the ESU Innovation Center. This allowed me to build upon and utilize many of the skills learned in the MPH program, while also continuing to network with fellow ESU colleagues. In 2014, I was approached with a new and exciting opportunity, which was to develop and integrate a Community Health Department within a social service agency. Currently, I am the Director of Community Health at United Neighborhood Centers of NEPA, which is one of the largest non-profit multi-service social service agencies in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The MPH program prepared me with the foundational skills I needed to develop new programs and prepared me well for launching a successful career. I value the importance of the tools and guidance I received at ESU and how my training provided the skill sets needed to create and sustain collaborative partnerships in the development of regional health programming. I found the emphasis the MPH Program provided on cultural competency and health inequities has now become strength and a major focus within in my current role as Director of a large non-profit organization.

Dr. Christine Fisher, Class of 2011

Dr. Christine FisherI graduated from ESU with my MPH in May, 2011. After graduating from ESU, I enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Toledo where I graduated with a PhD in Health Education. After completing this program, I took the national exam to be CHES certified. The summer after graduation, I had the opportunity to up-date an instructor resource manual for a health education textbook: Health Education Elementary and Middle School Applications. I have four published articles and two that are currently under review. I have also presented at several national, state, and local conferences. I was also selected as one of SOPHE’s 30 under 30 to be highlighted during National Health Education week in 2014. I am a member of the Research and Publications Committee for the ASHA which was an appointed position by the ASHA president.

I am currently in my second year in my new faculty position as an Assistant Professor in Health Education at Rhode Island College. I teach undergraduate and graduate health education courses, advice students, as well as being the department liaison for the technology committee. In fall 2016, I will be transitioning to become the M.Ed. Coordinator for our department.

I loved attending ESU for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. While at ESU, I learned so many useful skills that I continue to use on a daily basis. Routinely, I still bring out my old notebooks to look for information I learned during my training at ESU. The course materials I have found most helpful include Scientific Foundations of Health Behavior, Public Health Measurement Sciences, and Introduction to Research.

Cynthia Bigley, Class of 2012

Cynthia BigleyI graduated from the MPH program ESU in 2012. Since graduating, I have continued to work in the pharmaceutical industry and was recently promoted to Program Manager in charge of patient access and reimbursement in Pennsylvania. In the fall of 2013, I joined the faculty within the Department of Health Studies at ESU as an Adjunct Instructor teaching mostly undergraduate public health coursework. In 2015, I joined the staff at the Institute for Public Health Research and Innovation with the role of Evaluation Coordinator on a CDC funded asthma grant secured by Dr. Cardelle thorough the Pennsylvania State Department of Health. I found the core competencies, skills and knowledge I gained through the MPH program at ESU has afforded me the opportunities to position myself for upward mobility within my career and also to have the credentials to assume new responsibilities. Additionally, with the support and encouragement from the MPH faculty I have begun a new chapter in my education as well. In 2015, I started my doctoral studies at the University of Illinois in Chicago working towards my Dr.PH (Doctor of Public Health). I would be remiss if I didn’t specifically mention Drs. Steve Godin and Alberto Cardelle as two people who guided me through the doctoral application process as well as being strong supporters and champions for me. My career path is going very well, and I truly couldn’t have done it without them.

Dr. Nandi A. Marshall, Class of 2006

Dr. Nandi A. MarshallI graduated from the MPH program in 2006. My publishable paper title was HIV/AIDS Prevention Efforts among African-Americans in Newark, NJ. After graduation, I worked at NACCHO from 2006-2008 (Areas of Preparedness and Health Equity Campaign). I started my Dr.PH program at Georgia Southern University in 2008 and graduated in December 2012. During my doctorate training, and continuing a few months after graduation, I worked with colleagues at the Georgia Practice Based Research Network where we focused on improving health outcomes through quality improvement within Health Districts in Georgia. We also provided technical assistance in the area of Health Department Accreditation. Additionally, I continued my work in community health and health equity through a rural community coalition whose mission was to address diabetes health disparities in numerous communities.

Currently, I am in my third year of a tenured-track faculty position as an Assistant Professor at Armstrong State University. I teach in our undergraduate public health program and our CEPH Accredited MPH program. Within the MPH program, I serve as the Practicum Coordinator.

My experience at ESU provided me the space needed to figure out my path in public health while exposing me to mentors who I still have contact with today. The student-centered focus of the MPH program and the push to be involved at the local and national level prepared me in ways I could have never imagined!

Jessica Malachowsky, Class of 2012

Jessica MalachowskyI graduated from the MPH Program in 2012. My publishable paper was entitled "The Knowledge, Attitudes & Behaviors of ESU College Students on Nutrition." Since graduating from the MPH program, I have been employed by Youth Infusion. I was first employed as the Program Coordinator for their Shape up after School Program. This July 2015, I will have the new role of Executive Director and Director of Programs for Youth Infusion. Youth Infusion is a non-profit organization located in Northeast Pennsylvania. Our mission is to create community and school based programs throughout Monroe County. We currently have programs in three different school districts and host six different programs. The biggest focus within our organization is to engage youth into service-learning projects. Looking back, the MPH program of ESU has been incredibly valuable to me. I feel fortunate to have studied under the professors within the MPH program. They have equipped me with the necessary skills to be confident within my leadership position. At ESU, I received the foundational abilities to successfully develop and evaluate programs for our community, and to collaborate well with a diverse group of individuals. I am proud to say that I have received my MPH from ESU!