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Kelly Boyd (
Associate Professor of Health Studies
B.S.E., 1990, Truman State University
M.S., 1991, Eastern Kentucky University
Ph.D., 2005, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Courses Taught: Health Promotion and Lifetime Wellness (HLTH 105), Student Teaching in Health Education (HLTH 431), Methods in Health Education Workshop (HLTH 539)
Research Interests: Accreditation of academic programs, best practices in curriculum development, wellness promotion

Christina Brecht (
Instructor of Health Studies
B.S., 1976, Pennsylvania Sate University
M.P.H., 1981, University of Michigan
Courses Taught: Community Health (HLTH 230), Fundamentals of Health Administration (HLTH 280), Nutrition for Healthful Living (HLTH 340)
Research Interests: Nutrition counseling and weight management, worksite wellness promotion

Mary Jane O'Merle (
Instructor of Health Studies
B.S., 1969, East Stroudsburg University
M.S., 1975, East Stroudsburg University
Courses Taught: Skills Based Health Education (HLTH 215), School Health Programs (HLTH 363), Student Teaching in Health Education (HLTH 431)
Research Interests: School administration, best practices in teacher preparation

Kimberley Razzano (
Associate Professor of Health Studies, Department Chair
B.S., 1993, Springfield College
M.P.H., 1994, East Stroudsburg University
Ph.D., 2005, Marywood University
Courses Taught: Determinants of Disease (HLTH 415/515), Human Sexuality & Reproductive Health (HLTH 442), Assessment in School Health Education (HLTH 462)
Research Interests: School health curriculum development, obesity and wellness promotion, human sexuality

Steve Shive (
Professor of Health Studies
B.S., 1985, University of Scranton
M.T.S., 1996, Berkley Seminary
M.A., 1996, Fordham University
M.P.H., 1997, East Stroudsburg University
Ph.D., 2000, Temple University
Courses Taught: Health Emergencies (HLTH 240), Drug Abuse & Prevention Education (HLTH 355), Health Education Evaluation (HLTH 555)
Research Interests: Asian health, drug abuse prevention, health emergency preparedness

Clare Lenhart (
Associate Professor of Public Health
B.S., 2002, University of Pittsburgh
M.P.H., 2012, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
Ph.D., 2012, Temple University
Courses Taught: Epidemiology (HLTH 561), Environmental Health (HLTH 562), Introduction to Research (HLTH 570)
Research Interests: Physical activity, nutrition, and chronic disease prevention

Christine Fisher, PhD, MPH (
Assistant Professor of Health Studies
B.S., 2009, East Stroudsburg University
M.P.H., 2011, East Stroudsburg University
Ph.D., 2014, University of Toledo
Courses Taught:Foundations of Health Science (HLTH 210), Community Health (HLTH 230), Community Health Practice (HLTH 537), Health Education Evaluation (HLTH 555)
Research Interests: Best practice in teacher preparation, sexual health education, school health education

Elaine Rodriguez, MPH
Undergraduate Internship Coordinator & Instructor of Public Health
Courses Taught: Health Economics & Finance (HLTH 381), Global Health (HLTH 470), Public Health Fieldwork (HLTH 486)
Research Interests: Health administration, food insecurity

Alyson Patascher, MPH (
Instructor of Public Health
Courses Taught: Program Planning & Evaluation (HLTH 370), Modifying Health Behavior (HLTH 440), Public Health Fieldwork (HLTH 486/586)
Research Interests: Alcohol & drug abuse prevention, college health promotion

Lisa Baatz, MS (
Instructor of Health Studies
Courses Taught: Promoting Lifetime Wellness (HLTH 105)
Research Interests: School health education