What is the Warrior Tutoring Center Mission and Purpose?

The mission of the University-Wide Tutoring Program is to assist students with achieving personal, academic, and career goals by enabling them adapt to the academic environment of college, improve their academic success, and enhance the quality of their scholarly work.

Our tutoring services provide trained tutors who connect with students at their level of knowledge to help them with course content and to help guide them towards academic success.

The purpose of the University-Wide Tutoring Program is to assist student by providing high-quality academic assistance through one-on-one, drop in, and small group peer tutoring and Peer Learning Assistance for specific 100 and 200-level courses and some upper division courses.

  • What do tutors do?
    Tutors help students clarify and reinforce critical course concepts, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enhance active approaches to learning, and work towards high levels of academic achievement in partnership with course instructors.
  • Who can get a tutor?
    Tutoring is free and available to all ESU students for most 100 and 200-level general education courses. Tutoring assignments are also made based on tutor availability and student demand. WTC staff work hard to identify tutors in all of the major subjects; however, there are times when a tutor may not be available to tutor a particular subject.
  • How do students go about getting a tutor?

    If there is a Learning Assistant (LA) for your course, then he or she will provide tutor during planned LA sessions. Drop-in tutoring schedules can be found on the WTC webpage.

    Students can request an individual tutoring appointment by filling out the Application to Get a Tutor and following the directions on the webpage.

  • What do I do if there is not a tutor for my class?

    Visit the Professor associated with the course during office hours. Be sure to go prepared with questions about course material.

    Use your textbook as best you can, including any accompanying CD’s and websites. These often contain various study guides and aids.

    Explore the web for free supplementary lectures or tutorials. You can start with some of resources on the Academic Enrichment and Learning webpage.

  • How many students receive tutoring?
    Over 1000 students receive tutoring every year. Academic support is part of the culture at ESU. There is no stigma associated with tutoring. It’s highly recommended and many of our tutors have been tutored themselves.
  • How are tutors selected?
    Applicants must have their professor submit a faculty referral form within the subject area, meet specific GPA and course grade criteria, and pass an interview with the Coordinator or the Success Coach of the WTC.
  • Are there specific GPA and course grade requirements to become a tutor?
    All tutors are required to have a minimum GPA of a 3.0 and have earned a B or higher in the course.
  • How are tutors trained?
    All new tutors are required to attend ten hours of mandatory training that is in coordination with national tutor certification standards. Training is facilitated by WTC staff during the semester
  • Do students who receive tutoring earn higher grades?
    Research has shown that students who receive ongoing tutoring earn higher grades in the course for which they received tutoring and higher cumulative GPAs. Research has also shown that students who attend tutoring sessions three or more times are more likely to earn higher grades and cumulative GPAs.

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Students are invited to drop by the department to study, or sign up for tutoring, or to inquire about any DAEL program.

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