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ESU Capital Projects List

Image Caption
Recreation Center: Desk and Floor Upgrades $591K 08/2017 Complete
Zimbar Steps/Ramp $120K 09/2017 Complete
Demolition of Single Family Residences TBD 11/2017 In Design
Create Bloomberg Lab $250K 12/2017 In Design
McGarry Communication Center Roof Replacement $110K 12/2017 In Construction
Institutional Storeroom Roof Replacement $100K 12/2017 In Construction
Koehler Fieldhouse Roof Replacement $788K 12/2017 In Construction
Moore Biology: Upgrade HVAC $1.8M 01/2018 In Construction
Stroud Hall Toilet Room & Drinking Fountain Updates $890K 02/2018 In Construction
Innovation Center: 2nd Floor $1.2M 07/2018 Awaiting Bid
Lenape Life Cycle Renovation $11.2M 09/2018 Out for Bid
Shawnee Life Cycle Renovation $7.4M 09/2019 Out for Bid
Construct New Information Commons Phase 1 $59M   On Hold
Construct New Information Commons Phase 2 $64M   On Hold