The mission of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania's (ESU) Licensing program is to protect and promote the ESU brand and to ensure the public can properly identify and associate the University's name and logos with officially licensed products bearing the University's marks.

This site includes information for those who wish to use the ESU marks or become a licensee of ESU. It will detail the functions and policies of ESU's licensing program and explain the licensing process. The policies stated represent official University policy and must be followed when using ESU marks.

The licensing program is a resource for all members of the ESU community and the vendors who work with the University and was designed to ensure consistent and appropriate use of ESU's visual identity. Additionally, the program enables ESU to share in the benefits derived from the commercial use of these trademarks.

Please review the institutional Visual Identity Guide for more specific information regarding use guidelines.

All ESU trademarks are the property of East Stroudsburg University, a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

ESU strives to be a dynamic learning community for the 21st century. To do so, our monikers were designed to represent who we are and what we aspire to be. Our logo(s) are simple, uncluttered and memorable, and also provide a more unified look across all communications and perform on the ever-expanding digital platforms (computers, tablets, and smartphones, etc.).

The Institutional Logo

The Pocono Mountains are represented in the black and silver hills and the white triangle that is an updated interpretation of the Delaware Water Gap in our institutional logo design. The colors of the design (red, black, silver and the accent of white), are reflective of the outstanding campus community of students, faculty and staff, alumni and friends. The banner shape, similar to that of banners displayed during commencement ceremonies, signifies ESU as a leader in education. In all of these ways, the mark is aligned with the University’s guiding principles; to remain a challenging, contemporary and scholarly community that is unique, innovative and deeply embedded in the Pocono Mountains.

The Athletic Logo

ESU’s athletic teams have been identified as the Warriors since 1932. Our athletic logo (and mascot) reveal an individual who is eager to champion ESU and is certain to give our athletes, coaches, and fans plenty of options to support their favorite teams.

What Do Our Identities Achieve?

ESU’s visual identity embodies the Mission, Vision and Values of East Stroudsburg University. In addition to our brand positioning statement and brand tagline (Where Warriors Belong), the institutional and athletic logos enable us to represent the real ESU: bold, confident, and aspirational.

It Reminds Us of Our Vision

Our identity reminds of where we have come from and forges our renewed commitment to meeting the challenges of the future.

It Unites Us

Whether it’s on department letterhead or an alumni t-shirt, having one, cohesive visual identity will enhance our already strong feeling of community.

It Distinguishes Us

There are a lot of colleges and universities in the Northeast, but none quite like ESU. We’re unique. Our visual identity is, too.

It Helps Us Connect

Whether people visit us on campus or online, we want to make sure that who we are comes through loud and clear.

Using the New Brand Identity

Visual Identity Guide

A link to THE ESU visual identity guide may be found on this webpage. The guide is intended to provide our users to maintain a consistent use of ESU’s official logos and wordmarks in order to be sure our messaging remains consistent throughout the University and in our external communications with the general public. The brand identity created represents ESU’s mission, vision and values as well as our strategic plan – Students First: Innovate ESU. We ask that you use the tools within this guide to ensure that your message continues to differentiate us from other colleges and universities within the Commonwealth and around the globe.

Contact Us

Please direct any questions to the Office of University Relations at (570) 422-3532. For athletics communication, please contact Sports Information Director Doug Page by email or at (570) 422-3312.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Reibman Administration Building
(570) 422-3532
(570) 422-3846 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Director University Relations & Marketing
Brenda Friday
(570) 422-3455