The committee is composed of interested faculty, administrators, staff, students, and interested community members who examine ways to increase and improve the University’s recycling program.

For several years, paper, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, and aluminum cans have been recycled. More recently ESU has begun recycling more specialized materials.

  • Since 2010, more than 400 mattresses from the Residence Halls have been collected for recycling. Instead of ending up in a landfill, these mattresses will be used to create other items.
  • Styrofoam collected on campus and from some community members has been used to create three-dimensional sculptures by art students. The Styrofoam was later taken to a local recycler
  • Dry Cell Batteries (9V, AA, AAA, C, and D)
  • Printer Toner Cartridges

In addition to recycling, several projects have been initiated to reduce the use of bottled water by:

  • Providing every residence hall student with a reusable water bottle
  • Installing gooseneck attachments to several water fountains on campus
  • Conducting water taste tests to illustrate similarity in taste between tap water and bottled water

Contact Us

If you are interested in participating and sharing your Green ideas please feel free to contact Jeffrey Hardy, Ph.D the chair of the Sustainability Commission (

Contact Information

Campus Address
Stroud Hall 409W
(570) 422-3660
Title of Department Leader
Chair Sustainability Commission
Jeffrey Hardy, Ph.D.
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