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Jeffrey L. BrownRev. Jeffrey L. Brown is a nationally recognized leader and expert in gang, youth and urban violence reduction and coalition building. He is the founder of RECAP (Rebuilding Every City Around Peace), a national initiative organized to assist cities build better partnerships between the faith-based community, government and law enforcement agencies in an effort to reduce gang violence. He is also one of the co-founders of the Boston Ten Point Coalition, a faith-based group that was an integral part of the “Boston Miracle”, a process where the city experienced a 79% decline in violent crime in the 90s, and spawned countless urban collaborative efforts in subsequent years that followed the Boston Ceasefire and faith-based model.  Rev. Brown consults to municipalities and police departments on issues around youth violence and community mobilization, and provides expertise to Fortune 25 corporations on Collaborative Leadership and Managing Change.

He is the subject of a Harvard Business School case study on his efforts, and is an integral part of three others from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  Rev. Brown is the recipient of numerous local and national awards and citations.  He is the author of a forthcoming book on his experiences, titled The Courage To Listen, and has partnered with Paramount Pictures and the writing team of actor/writer Chadwick Boseman and Logan Coles on a feature film based on his experiences. Rev. Brown pastored the Union Baptist Church in Cambridge, MA for 22 years, has spoken and lectured widely, and is known for his fiery and inspiring messages.

A resident of the Dorchester area of Boston, MA, Rev. Brown is has three grown children.