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Personal Branding

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Schedule an AppointmentYour professional brand is the product of two things: The impression and impact that you make when you meet and work with others and the impression you make through your social media presence. Your attitude, demeanor, and work ethic will speak for itself. Managing your brand via social media involves more strategy.

As we all understand, social media plays a crucial part in personal branding. Your brand is you. It is who you are and what you stand for. Using the tips below, you can take steps in the right direction to strengthen your brand that is so crucial for your future as a business professional.

Using ESU's student logins, every student is offered the opportunity to access this online reputation management software which scans your social media accounts and instantly identifies red flags that hiring managers and recruiters look for on social media. BrandYoursel's software will walk you through the process of building a positive online presence that employers look for when screening candidates. This includes posts and images that employers might consider unprofessional, inappropriate, polarizing, or objectionable.

To Redeem your Free Subcription:

LinkedIn is the ideal tool for professional individuals to create, adjust, and demonstrate their brands.

  • Post your full resume, beyond a single sheet of paper by including awards earned, membership in professional organizations, and other initiatives that display your interests and skills.
  • Add anything that relates to your goals.
  • Include a picture of yourself dressed professionally.
  • Display your network to show legitimacy in your field and your hunger to increase your personal influence.
  • Customize your URL to make it easy to add this information to your resume and/or business cards.


Most people use Facebook to maintain their personal network of family and friends, – which is fine. It is not so important to create a professional image on Facebook. It is essential, however, that your images don't contradict each other.

  • Treat every post, status update, comment, or picture as if it were going to be seen by your current or future employer.
  • Maintain strong privacy settings.
  • Make sure you can be found through a simple search.
  • Make sure your news feed is clear of inappropriate clutter; what your friends post reflects on you as well.

Similar to your handling of Facebook, be sure to avoid unprofessional tweets.

  • Follow companies you are interested in.
  • News outlets, and company executives can be very informative.
  • When it comes to your own tweets, avoid religious and political topics, and stay away from overall strong points of view.
  • Twitter’s default settings do not protect your tweets, so change your settings if you would like privacy.

Be smart about what images and videos you post on Instagram. Follow organizations who use this outlet to stay up to date.

Pinterest is a great way to showcase your work and accomplishments in a creative way, especially if you are applying for a job in a creative field. It can allow you to paint a better picture of yourself for an employer to review prior to an interview.

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