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Job Shadowing

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ESUshadows is a new program created by the Career Development Center to assist you in learning about your career interests, building your resume, and establishing a network of current professionals and ESU Alumni.

Why should you Shadow?

  • Gain valuable insight into the world of work you are considering entering.
  • Develop a strong understanding of the skills you will need to succeed in a professional atmosphere.
  • Make connections with industry professionals through which you can create future learning and employment opportunities.
  • Build valuable content for your resume.

Why do employers love to have job shadowing students?

  • Increase their connections with new college graduates.
  • Hear about cutting-edge developments in their educational preparation.
  • Gain an opportunity to demonstrate leadership,communication skills, and help others.

What is ESUShadows?
Shadowing includes a 1-5 day (decided by your host) job shadowing session that will take place during a mutually agreeable time for yours and the host. To participate, you must complete the ESUShadow Request Form. Note: Completing this form is not guaranteed we will be able to locate a host.

Shadow Request Form

This will be sent to the Career Development Center where the staff will attempt to locate a host site for your experience. If you already have a site or individual that you would like to shadow – please indicate that on the ESUShadow Request Form.

If a host is found, the Center will send you the contact information. Sample emails you can use to make initial contact can be found in the Info Packet.

Following your communication, you will complete the shadowing experience, send a thank you email, and complete the questionnaire in the back of the informational packet.

If this is something that you are interested in, complete the form and contact the Career Development Center today!