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We are pleased to announce the addition of new services that will empower you in choosing a major, exploring careers, and finding the internship position, that is right for you.


Whether you are starting your undergraduate education, entering a graduate program, or switching fields, self-discovery will help you begin to explore and shape your future goals. Explore the opportunities. Once you find a field that matches your skills, interests, values, and personality, it’s hard to go wrong.

On this page, you will learn how to prepare your career tools (resume, cover letter, interviewing skills) for the job search process and build soft and technical skills for successful interviews.

Here you will learn how to search for opportunities that are right for you, including job openings, graduate schools, as well as fellowships and service opportunities.

We recommend that you begin your search for a full-time job at least the semester before you graduate. WarriorCareers is an on-line career portal for ESU students, alumni, and employees that help you. Manage job offers and negotiate compensation.