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Self Assessments

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Student Access Code: J4273296CGP

The Career Development Center offers current students and alumni access to Kuderjourney, a self-paced, online career guidance program to assist you in career exploration. This resource will help you discover what you enjoy doing and which skills and talents you possess.

Goals: By completing the self assessments, you can speed up the attainment of your collegiate degrees. Life-long career guidance and development is provided.

  • As a whole, users demonstrated an increase in school performance
  • 60% of users never changed their college major after using the tool
  • 20% are more likely to complete their education

In summary, Kuderjourney is

  • A tool for assessing your skills, interests, and work values
  • Flexible, with step-by-step career and educational guidance tailored to you
  • A resource to conduct research on occupations, majors, schools, financial aid, scholarship options
  • Comprehensive in developing job-searching skills
  • Accessible for maintaining a life-long e-Portfolio