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Job Search Process

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Create an AccountThe keys to success in your job search are your own creativity, flexibility, and hard work. You can develop a multi-faceted job search strategy, utilizing these resources:

Career Development Center

Begin your job search campaign by visiting the Career Development Center either in person or online at Ask for a career action plan for your year in school. Participate in the on campus employer visits offered by Career Development and utilize WarriorCareers for jobs and internships.

Check out our upcoming “Events”, including Success Series workshops, career panels, employer information sessions and Career/Internship Expos.


Your network consists of anyone you know who can provide you with job leads, referrals, or information on specific careers or employers. Start by making a list of friends, family members, neighbors, internship supervisors, a family professional, local merchants, etc. You can also generate contacts through the ESU LinkedIn Alumni network, through internships, job shadowing experiences, volunteer work, part-time jobs, career panels and career fairs.

Career Fairs/Expos

This is an excellent way to network, learn about openings, and gather further information about employers. Each year Career Development offers multiple career expos, covering a wide range of fields. Visit the “events” section of our website for upcoming career days. Be sure to dress professionally and bring multiple copies of your resume. To make a strong impression, develop a 60-second personal “commercial” (elevator pitch) that summarizes your career interests and several key highlights of your background.

Navigating the College Career Fair

Job Hunting on the Internet

The internet is a valuable resource for conducting a successful job search. Among the most popular sites are:

  • WarriorCareers – lists jobs specifically directed to ESU students
  • NACELink – on WarriorCareers, more national jobs
  • Riley Guide
  • Indeed

In addition, look at specific recruitment sites that can be found under your major on What Can I Do With This Major and through the organizational associations that you have a membership with.

Advertised Openings

Review special employment sections of the newspaper in addition to general listings. Apply even if you don’t meet every qualification. Write your cover letter so that it addresses as many of the requirements in the ad as possible. Check the business section of the newspapers to learn about firms moving into the area or company expansions. Look for job announcements in professional and trade journals and professional association newsletters.

Mailing Campaign

The key to a successful mailing campaign is to mail or email your resume and cover letter to targeted employers. If you are specifically interested in an employer, follow up your mailing with a phone call, expressing your strong interest in requesting an interview. Develop a list of employer prospects through employer directories, WarriorCareers and lists of employers that have attended recent ESU career events.

Make every effort to address your cover letter to a specific person, preferably a department or human resources manager. Many employers now prefer email resumes or resumes submitted through their websites. Follow-up with a phone call or email message within two weeks of sending your letter. Not many job seekers do this, so it’s a way to stand out.

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies provide placement services for a fee that is paid either by the employer or the candidate, be sure to work with the agency where the employer pays the placement fee, not you. When working with an agency, clearly articulate the type of work you want – don’t settle for less. Read the contracts carefully.