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Medical Amnesty

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Medical Amnesty was enacted to protect students from liability when seeking medical attention as a result of illegal use of alcohol or other drugs.


  • The health and safety of members of the East Stroudsburg University community is a primary concern.
  • Students need to seek immediate medical attention for themselves or others when someone's health and/or safety are at risk.
  • Students may be reluctant to seek assistance for himself or herself or someone else for fear of facing action from the Office of Student Conduct.
  • East Stroudsburg University seeks to remove barriers that prevent students from seeking the medical attention they need.

Personal & Bystander Actions

Students who seek emergency medical attention for themselves or for someone else related to consumption of alcohol or drugs will not be charged with violations of the East Stroudsburg University Code of Conduct related to that consumption, provided that the student subsequently completes an evaluation and any recommended treatment at the University Counseling and Psychological Services center within a reasonable time frame to be determined by the Office of Student Conduct.

(Failure to complete this evaluation/treatment may result in charges being filed with the Office of Student Conduct).

Emergency Assistance

If you discover a person who is under the influence and needs help, or if you are intoxicated and need help, call University Police or a residence hall official.

For assistance in an emergency situation contact the East Stroudsburg University Police: (570) 422-3063 or (570) 422-2000.

***Note that this Policy applies only to those students or organizations that seek emergency medical assistance in connection with an alcohol or drug-related medical emergency and does not apply to individuals experiencing an alcohol or drug-related medical emergency who are found by University employees. (i.e. University Police, Faculty, administrative staff, residence hall staff including RAs.)