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Healthy Relationships

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Relationships aren’t always easy to maintain. College opens the door for all kinds of new relationship challenges such as roommate issues, casual dating, serious dating, friendships, and sex. These various relationships can provide a great deal of comfort and support during your college years, but they can also be a source of confusion and stress at times. Four key components of healthy relationships include effective communication, established expectations, conflict resolution, and respected boundaries.

Communication - Both people in the relationship need to feel free to express positive and negative feelings, complaints, and affection.

  • Do not make assumptions about the other person's feelings or motives
  • Do not assume that the other person knows how YOU feel.
  • Talk directly with the other person about your needs

Expectations - Both people need to be on the same page about what they want from the relationship.

  • Agree on how much time spent together and how you will spend it
  • Be aware of the other person's needs and interests

Conflict - In all relationships, there are times when communication breaks down which leads to conflict.

  • Healthy relationships are able to resolve conflict effectively
  • Conflict often leads to stronger relationships as a result

Boundaries - Both people need to be clear about what is okay and not okay in the relationship.

  • Clearly state any limits which you have for the relationship
  • Say no when you are asked to do something that makes you uncomfortable
  • Set limits with the other person's behavior