General Fees

The General Fee is charged to all students -- resident and non-resident, graduate and undergraduate, full-time and part-time, residential and commuters. It is charged during all sessions (including summer and winter sessions), and at all course locations. This includes internships, student teaching, and any other off-campus sites).

Since it is a generic fee used to support a variety of instructional and student support programs, waivers are limited to:

  • University employees
  • Senior citizens participating in the ESU senior citizen tuition waiver program
  • Certain exchange students (i.e. National Student Exchange Students) and;
  • Students in foreign exchange programs studying abroad

This policy is consistent with existing regulations concerning tuition waiver policies.

Graduate students enrolled in the Athletic Training Clinical Practice Distance Ed Program, Reading Distance Ed Program, Computer Science Information Systems, and Professional and New Media Reading Program are charged a reduced rate.

General Fee Structure: Semester Rate

The General Fee is assessed at a flat rate for all full time students, undergraduates taking 12 or more credits and graduate students taking 9 or more credits.

For part-time students, charges are pro-rated per credit. The rates outlined below are effective with the fall 2018 semester:

  Warrior Promise Continuing Undergrad Undergrad Extended Learning Graduate Grad Distance Education Grad Extended Learning
Full-Time $1,153 $1,125 $588 $1,029 $637 $416
Part-Time $96/credit $93/credit $49/credit $114.30/credit $71/credit $46.20/credit

General Fee Breakdown per Semester

Category Warrior Promise Continuing
Undergrad Extended Learning Graduate Grad Distance Education Grad Extended Learning
Instructional Support $414 $386 $386 $386 $386 $386
Student Activity $172 $172 $172 $86 $86 N/A
University Center $135 $135 N/A $135 $135 N/A
Health Center $160 $160 N/A $160 N/A N/A
Recreation Center $232 $232 N/A $232 N/A N/A
Stony Acres $10 $10 N/A N/A N/A N/A
eCard $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30

Additional Fees

Technology Fee

The purpose of this fee is to enhance student access to the latest technology in the classroom and to prepare our students for high-tech careers in a global economy.

The full-time technology fee for the 2018-2019 academic year is $478 for undergraduate resident students and $728 per year for undergraduate non-resident students. The technology fee per semester for a full time resident undergraduate student is $239 and $364 for a non-resident student.

Part-time resident undergraduate students pay $20 per credit up to full time (minimum 12 credits) and part-time nonresident undergraduate students pay $30 per credit.

The full-time technology fee for graduate students is $504 per year for a resident and $720 per year for a non-resident. The per credit rate is $28 for a resident and $40 for a non-resident.

Transportation Fee

The transportation fee is intended to support the cost of operation of our shuttle bus service that will be available to all students with a valid ID card.

The buses will run continuously on weekdays throughout the campus from the University Ridge apartments to the Prospect Street intersection.

The transportation fee is assessed to all students and is $55 per semester for a full-time student, $28 per semester for a part time student.

This applies to undergraduate and graduate students.

General Academic Records Fee

The General Academic Records Fee is non-refundable and is intended to cover the cost of transcripts and graduation application fees. Students will receive lifetime transcripts upon graduation.

It is a $10.00 flat fee assessed on undergraduate and graduate students. The academic records fee would not cover the cost of express delivery of transcripts.

Enrollment Fee

A non-reoccurring $300 fee charged to undergraduate applicants offered admission. The enrollment fee will hold your place at East Stroudsburg University. Upon payment you will be eligible for housing, orientation and class registration. This fee is fully refundable prior to May 1st.

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