The intent of the Master of Science Degree in Management and Leadership is to provide graduate level instruction, which will enhance the management, leadership and decision-making abilities of the program's graduates, and prepare them for the dynamic, technology-driven work force they will encounter in both private industry and the public sector.

The Master of Science Degree in Management and Leadership offers graduate level instruction based in theory while providing opportunities to apply competencies to practical settings.

This program will enhance the management skills and decision-making abilities of the participants in the program at a cost commensurate with graduate level public education, and significantly lower on a cost-per-credit basis than private graduate level education.

The program is committed to developing competent managers and leaders capable of excelling in the constantly changing business environment that surrounds today's private marketplace and public sector.

For more information on these programs, contact the Graduate College at (570) 422-3570 or Dr. Jaedeock Lee, Sport Management Graduate Coordinator, (570) 422-3340, jaedeock@esu.eduor 226 Zimbar Hall.

Master of Science in Management and Leadership in Sport Management

Common Area of Study
Course Number Course Title Credits
MGT 501 Organizational Behavior 3 credits
MGT 502 Organizational Strategy 3 credits
MGT 503 Organizational Leadership 3 credits
MGT 504 Organizational Control Systems 3 credits
Research Methods (Select ONE of the following)
Course Number Course Title Credits
SMGT 570 Introduction to Research 3 credits
POLS 570 Introduction to Research: Scope & Method 3 credits
  Common Area of Study Total 15 credits
Sport Management Area of Concentration Required Courses
Course Number Course Title Credits
SMGT 547 Sport Business and Finance 3 credits
SMGT 548 Sport Marketing 3 credits
SMGT 549 Sport and the Law 3 credits
SMGT 586 Internship 7 - 10 credits
Elective Courses (Select one)
Course Number Course Title Credits
SMGT 546 Planning and Management Facilities 3 credits
SMGT 550 Sport Personnel Management 3 credits
Area of Concentration Total 19 - 22 credits
  TOTAL 34 - 37 credits

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Department Chair Sport Management
Dr. Jaedeock Lee
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