Who was Evelyn Hodge?

Evelyn Hodge was a single parent who instilled in her 3 daughters the essential values of commitment, tenacity, hard work, and academic achievement. Mrs. Hodge was firm in her conviction and belief that education was truly the door of opportunity and success for all individuals. As a result of her encouragement, motivation and inspiration, her 3 daughters have amassed amongst themselves 10 academic degrees.

To honor her life and memory and to promote the principles and ideals that she espoused, her 3 daughters, Valerie Hodge, deceased, (Former Vice President for Student Affairs at East Stroudsburg University, Linda Hodge (Corporate Attorney), and Dr. Donna Hodge (Professor of Psychology at East Stroudsburg University) have established this scholarship award.

Who was Valerie M. Hodge?

Valerie Hodge was an individual whose life exemplified the values of compassion, and service. She was a voice and champion for anyone in need and profoundly believed that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect. Valerie’s life reflected her commitment and dedication to providing care, friendship, and service to others. The population that she loved and was the greatest advocate for, were students. She was implicit in her belief that the students of today represent the leaders of tomorrow, and, as such, the University must educate, nurture, and empower them to go forth and fulfill their destinies. Valerie Hodge worked in student development for over 35 years and culminated her career as the Vice President for Student Affairs at East Stroudsburg University. The inspiration and legacy that she leaves is that “The greatest gift that you can give is of yourself in service to others”.

The Scholarship Award

The scholarship will consist of a monetary award that can be applied directly to your tuition or in the form of a book voucher to be used at the University Store for books and/or supplies.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Each applicant must be a Psychology major of at least junior class rank (a minimum of 64 earned credit hours at the time of application).
  2. Each applicant must have a major grade point average of 3.0 and an overall grade point average of a minimum of 2.75 or above.
  3. Each applicant must demonstrate active participation in either Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, or the East Stroudsburg University Student Psychological Association and other university-wide organizations.

Application Process

An application form can be obtained from the Secretary of the Psychology Department. Please read all of the instructions carefully so that your application can be processed without delay. Applications must be received by March 1. The award will be made for the following academic year.


The scholarship recipients will be determined by a 3-person committee within the Psychology Department. The committee will select a chairperson who will have the responsibility of soliciting and compiling applications, calling meetings and notifying the ESU Foundation, the scholarship creators, and the recipients of the award.

Funding Sources

The scholarship endowment is funded by the contributions made payable to and managed by The East Stroudsburg University Foundation. The award, valued at $1,000 annually, will be supported from annual investment earnings and the principal will not be spent. No change in the value of the scholarship can be made without written consent of Donna Hodge.

Contact Us

For additional information regarding programs offered in the Psychology department, please contact the secretary at kperrine@esu.edu

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