How do I finish the program?

  1. APPLY: National Board Certification Only OR M.Ed. in Advanced Pedagogy: Apply to the Graduate Program in Professional and Secondary Education, and identify your track, Advanced Pedagogy
  2. START: Once you are accepted into the program. You will work with facilitators that have been National Board Certified and are dedicated to the program. You will complete requirements for certification.
  3. Plan of Study: After taking 9-12 credits, meet with your adviser to assist you to complete the Plan of Study form. The plan of study will be signed by you, your adviser, graduate coordinator, department chair, and graduate director. Your signed Plan of Study will be sent by email. Please retain the Plan of Study for your records.
  4. Comprehensive Assessment Portfolio: While you are completing your courses, gather artifacts, read and write reflections for your comprehensive assessment portfolio. The portfolio is a chance to highlight your unique professional perspectives. You will present your portfolio the last semester of your program. Please review the full document, and ask if you have questions: Comprehensive Assessment Policy and Protocol Manual & Reading List
  5. Complete Courses on your Plan of Study or work with your adviser to make modifications.
  6. Finishing Up - Last Semester:
    Apply for Graduation the beginning of your last semester. Present your Comprehensive Assessment Portfolio: This is a time to display and describe your learning, reflection on your professional experiences and readings. Send an email to PSED Secretary, Ms. Carolyn Cooper Chambliss, to determine presentation times. You will present in the last half of the semester.

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