Thank you for registering for an online course. Below are some tips for getting started in your online course.

Online Courses - What to Expect

Online courses are conducted through a learning management system called Desire2Learn (D2L). Courses may be synchronous, asynchronous, or a combination of the two. Synchronous online courses have specific meeting times, which means that on certain days and times the class meets online and you will need to attend virtually. Asynchronous online courses do not have specific meeting times. In your online courses you will likely use D2L to interact with your peers, participate in discussion forums, take tests and quizzes, turn in assignments, and much more. The best part is that with D2L, you can complete most coursework from anywhere you can access the internet. Whether you need to write an essay on your computer at home or discuss the current course topic right on your smart phone, online courses provide a lot of flexibility to fit your schedule.

ESU Email Account

If you're enrolled in any course at ESU, you should already have an ESU email account. Your ESU email is especially important in online courses as that is likely how your professor will first contact you and may also be how they stay in touch throughout the course. Be sure to check your ESU email account prior to the start of your course for information and directions from your professor. If you are a new ESU student and have not yet setup your email, please follow the directions in the Login Information section below.

Course Meeting Information

Please check your course listing at the distance education site for any details about on campus meetings as some professors will require a certain number of face-to-face meetings. If there is no information regarding meeting times then there should be no meetings for that course. You may email the course instructor (also found in the course listing) to verify this and clarify any other course information you may have questions about before you begin your course.

Desire2Learn (D2L)

D2L is the learning management system ESU uses for most of its online courses. Your login information is the same you use to access your ESU email and the myESU portal. If you are having trouble with your login reset your password to access a short written tutorial on how to reset your password on D2L.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing software tool that is feature-rich and interactive. Depending on your professor and whether your online course is synchronous or asynchronous your professor may use Blackboard Collaborate as an online classroom to virtually meet in. You will access an online Blackboard Collaborate room for your course through D2L. Some professors will even record a class in Blackboard Collaborate. You can access the archives of the class recordings on D2L.

Login Information

ESU uses Desire2Learn (D2L) for the majority of its online courses. You have been assigned one universal login for all accounts here at ESU, which includes your ESU email account and your D2L account. Please follow the steps below to ensure you are able to login to D2L prior to the start of your course. If your instructor has indicated that they are using Moodle for the course rather than D2L, the information below remains the same.

Current ESU Student

  1. You must change your password the first time you login.
  2. Go to the D2L site (or, if your instructor is using Moodle, go to that site).
  3. Click on the “forgot your password” link to reset your password.
  4. It may take up to 5 minutes for your password to reset. Refresh the D2L log in page then use your new password to log in.

New ESU Student

  • You will first need your student E-card number (the last 6 digits only) so that you can remotely set up your ESU email account. You can get this number by calling the ESU E-Card Center at (570) 422-2273 or (800) 556-8116.
  • Once you have your E-card number, you can set your password. Fill in the requested information and click the "Submit" button. Your Username will appear in the white box at the bottom of the screen.

    Once you have created your password you should be able to access all of your accounts. Your new account will allow you to access the systems necessary to get started in your course. You may access those systems:

Accessing Your Course

Once you login to D2L you should see your course listed. Click on it to enter the course. Please keep in mind that the course may not be available/accessible before the scheduled start date, but should definitely be available on and after that date. Please feel free to contact the instructor for specific instructions if you believe the course should be available, but you are not able to access it.

As an important reminder, your instructors and the university often send important information to your ESU email. Check your ESU email account daily so that you do not miss any critical information.

Student Support Page

You can visit our Center for Teaching with Technology Student Support page to access an ever-growing collection of help and support resources for a variety of commonly used technologies at ESU, like D2L and Blackboard Collaborate.

Technology Needs

Students enrolled in online courses are required to have daily access to a PC or Mac computer that uses Microsoft 2000, Vista, or Windows XP as well as have daily access to a high speed internet connection.

Some online courses may require you to have a microphone, speakers, and a webcam.

Contact Us

Questions about Online Classes? Email or call (570) 422-2869.

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