Maynard Ferguson “Plays” Al Cohn, by Patrick Dorian

The Note – Winter/Spring 2021 – Supplemental Material

The following is presented as supplemental material for additional interest regarding Pat Dorian’s article on Maynard Ferguson and Al Cohn.

While performing and recording many live tracks at Peacock Lane jazz room in Hollywood in December 1956 and January 1957, Maynard Ferguson and his orchestra (his West Coast Dream Band) were contracted by Universal International to record music and film a short subject Swingin’ and Singin’ (Universal Musical Short Film 3655 produced by Universal-International Pictures Inc./Universal Studios, December 18 & 21, 1956, © March 1, 1957). This video is an excerpt from the original 15 minute short of the composition "The Wailing Boat" by Al Cohn.

Universal Studios Recording Contracts

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