Below you can find information regarding refund policies.

Account Refunds

  • Cash withdrawals from the eCard account are not permitted.
  • Refunds of unspent funds (eDollars) are provided upon graduation, withdrawal, or dismissal from the university.
  • Students/employees must request a refund in writing or in person.
  • Account closure requests will be processed within six weeks.
  • Due to Federal law, we are not allowed to provide cash back from an eCard account, since these are pre-paid services.

Off-Campus Merchant Refunds

If your eCard is charged inadvertently by a cashier, you have 24 hours to contact the Manager of the operation. Then the balance will be adjusted.

Contact Us

The eCard is the official identification card for students and employees. If you have any question, please call (570) 422-2273

Contact Information

Campus Address
University Center
(570) 422-2273
(570) 422-2993 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Robert Fetterly
(570) 422-2991