Purpose of Degree

The focus of the new M.Ed. in Teaching the Developing Child is on becoming a master teacher in the preschool, elementary or middle school classroom and is based on the Advanced Teacher Education Conceptual Framework.

The program is designed to guide in-service educators to become leaders who apply research and best practice theory to make reflective and collaborative decisions that consistently support and extend the learning of all students. Through the program's core courses and individualized experiences, candidates are able to create a vision of themselves as knowledgeable and synergistic master educators.

Plan of Study

The Master of Teaching the Developing Child consists of a core area of required courses (15 credits) and a concentration area of 18 credits. The concentration areas of either Early Childhood (Grades Preschool to 4th) or Middle School (Grades 4 to 8) include a focus of 12 credits in addition to six credits of education electives that are chosen to meet the student's professional needs and personal interests.

The concentration and electives are selected by the graduate student (in collaboration with the ECE/ELED Graduate Coordinator) and may include work towards the development of a portfolio for National Board.

Core courses present research-based concepts related to teaching and learning as well as introduce various tools of inquiry. Concentration courses extend the master teacher's ability to articulate, apply, and adapt theoretical constructs to the classroom setting.

At the end of graduate course work, the master teacher candidate will be able to demonstrate reflective, collaborative, and creative teaching practice and professional leadership qualities.

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For more information regarding the programs offered in the department of Early Childhood & Elementary Education, please contact the secretary at abriller@esu.edu

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