To provide an innovative holistic academic advising program for first-time students to help them develop their academic success skills starting before and during the first semester


The Warrior Success Program offers first-time students whose academic profile and self-reported experiences, suggests they will benefit from an individualized and intentional academic support advising program that helps them realize their fullest academic potential. The program provides the student with support advising, academic coaching, interventions and creating opportunities for connections, while helping students achieve their pathway toward success. The Warrior Success Academic Journey Map outlines the path students will take to find academic success.

This program helps to assist entering first-year students who are capable of academic success, but due to academic challenges in their academic background, need additional support to realize their full potential.

The Warrior Success Program allows for students to be aided in the process by providing the student with supports, and creating opportunities for connections, while helping students achieve their pathway toward success. The students within the program are offered additional support advising, academic coaching and referred to receive other interventions and resources as needed.

Specialized Interventions Include


Students are provided with an Academic Support/Extended Advisor provided with a holistic and advocacy approach. This advisor provides a student assistance with academic, social, career, personal and course selection assistance as well as provides them with referrals to campus services and resources. As part of an advising session, students will be asked to review the Warrior Success Advising Syllabus.

Academic Success Coaching (ASC)

Students are provided with an Academic Success Coach that has regular contact with the student. The ASC aims at providing students with strategies, supportive relationships and accountability. They are able to provide study skills and other workshops and discussion linked to academic success. As part of a coaching session, students will be asked to review and complete the Warrior Success Plan.


Tutoring is a tool and intervention that students are strongly encouraged to utilize that reinforces appropriate study skills and strengthens a student’s understanding of the classroom learning environment and links toward student success.


Trained mentors, certified through the College of Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) are provided to Warrior Success students. These mentors can help provide students with adjusting to college life, learning how to balance academic and social activities, while having discussions about career, life and academic goals.

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