The Intern is responsible for the actions or materials listed below.

  • Job/Project - The Intern must locate suitable external employment or arrange for an internal project with the Director.
  • Registration - The Intern must follow all University procedures related to registration for the course.
  • Progress reporting - The Intern must keep a daily log and make regular, informal progress reports to the Director by phone or electronic mail.
  • Employment - The Intern must conduct himself or herself in a manner appropriate for any professional employee. Please keep in mind that the Intern's behavior reflects on the Department in particular and East Stroudsburg University as a whole.
  • Documentation - The Intern must provide sufficient materials to document his or her experience. This includes: the Daily Log, Internship Evaluation or, Internship Report and other supporting materials.
  • Presentation - A short oral presentation so that other students can better prepare themselves for the internship experience.

Responsibilities of the Employer

The Employer is responsible for the actions or materials listed below.

  • Employment - The Employer must provide the student with an experience appropriate to the level of training of the student and of sufficient complexity to make it a worthwhile experience.
  • Liaison - The Supervisor will be the contact for the Department for all business relating to the internship.
  • Letter of Appointment - The Employer must issue a letter to the Director stating their intent to hire the Intern and describing the conditions under which the Intern will be employed.
  • Supervision - The Employer will provide the Intern with supervision appropriate for any skilled, but inexperienced worker.
  • Site Visit - Approximately two-thirds of the way through the student's employment, the Employer will accept a visit from the Director. The purpose of this visit is to verify the Intern's employment status, observe the progress of the Intern's work and interview the Intern's Supervisor.
  • Letter of Completion - Upon completion of the Intern's employment, the Employer must issue a letter to the Director indicating the completion of the agreed period of employment and describing the results of the Intern's association with the Employer. The letter will be accompanied by the Intern Evaluation or;
  • Release of Supporting Materials - The Employer will coordinate with the Intern and Director the release of materials that document the Intern's work. These materials typically include documents such as functional specifications, design documents, program listings, test plans, etc. The Employer may impose a variety of constraints on these materials due to their propriety nature or for security reasons.
  • Salary - Employer is not required to pay the Intern. However, the Intern will generally be better motivated and more productive if adequately compensated.
  • Fees - No fees or other payments to the university are expected or required.

Responsibilities of the Department of Computer Science

The Department is responsible for the actions or materials listed below. The Department will provide a Director of Interns, who will be responsible for acting on behalf of the department in all items listed below.

  • Advising - The Director will provide the student with guidelines and recommendations for the internship process.
  • Liaison - The Director will be the contact for the Employer for all business relating to the internship.
  • Inspection - The Director will conduct a site visit of the Intern's place of employment.
  • Evaluation - The Director will be responsible for receiving all materials relating to the internship, evaluating the materials and assigning the appropriate grade to the student.

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