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Student Advising

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Academic advising is key to college success. Your academic advisor guides you in scheduling classes and meeting your graduation requirements, while answering questions you may have along the way. Learn when you should meet with your advisor, how to register for classes, and answers to other frequently asked questions.

Who is My Advisor?

Your advisor’s name appears on your MyESU portal in the Academic Profile section. You may also contact your department’s secretary to find out your assigned advisor.

If you are a graduate student seeking advising, contact the graduate coordinator of your program. The information on this website applies primarily to undergraduate students.

See frequently asked questions about Meeting with Your Advisor.

Student Advising Timeline

You must see your advisor at least once per semester to discuss your academic progress. This includes course selection, learning about opportunities, referral to other ESU resources and services, and progress check toward graduation. That meeting should occur at least a week before your scheduling date, and advisors will not give you a pin number for registration without a meeting. Check out the Student Advising Timeline.

Students often have questions for their advisors about Scheduling Registration, Majors, Minors & Certificates, General Education, Placement Tests & Transfer Credits, and Grades, Transcripts & Graduation.