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Welcome to ESU's Online Classes site. Online classes and distance education offer new opportunities to students and universities alike. Students no longer need to be on campus or in a classroom in the traditional sense. The classroom and student experience are now offered online where you may interact in real-time with your professor in a virtual classroom, in discussion forums where you speak with your classmates about current course topics, and with our advanced learning system to work through projects and complete assessments.

By using a variety of technologies, faculty at ESU help you join the online learning revolution in an enjoying, meaningful, and beneficial experience. These technologies allow ESU to reach students far beyond its campus and provide high quality individual online courses for students who need just a few courses, as well as entire degree programs online.

Please explore our site below to see what courses will be offered in upcoming semesters, find out more about our online degree programs, get information about enrolling, find out what to do after enrolling, and read our statement on state authorization. Here at ESU, the world is our campus. We hope you'll join us!

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Quick Answers to Common Questions

What equipment will I need for an online class?
You will need a PC with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 or newer) or a Mac with OS X. Some classes also require a webcam and/or microphone. Most laptops have these built-in, but standalone webcams are available to plug into your computer and are inexpensive. An internet connection is required. High speed is preferable for the best student experience. Click to learn more.

Are all classes available online?
Not all classes are available in an online format, but we do have a wide selection from several disciplines. For a listing of individual classes available in the upcoming semesters, please see the Upcoming Classes site. For entire degree programs that can be completed online, please see the Online Programs site for more information.

Will I need to be online at specific times for class?
Some classes do not require any scheduled meetings while others do have specific meeting times. These meetings may be once or twice a semester or once a week, but are almost always in the evening. To determine if your class has a scheduled class time, look at the "Meeting Times" column when searching the Upcoming Classes site. Courses that do not have a "Meeting Time" listed do not have a scheduled class time.

I enrolled in a course. Now what?
After enrolling, be sure to keep an eye on your ESU email for more instructions from your professor. You may also find more information by accessing your class on our online course system, D2L. Access it by clicking here or by clicking the "D2L" link available at the top of all ESU pages. Click here for more detailed instructions on getting started.